These words are my own from my heart flown.

Well. The weekend was great. Drew and I had a wonderful time as always. Also, interesting happenings on Saturday evening. We went out to the bar with some friends. We each had quite a few drinks. I was feeling pretty damn good but was definitely not drunk by my standards. I know me drunk and […]

In Connecticut!

So, the last I wrote I was heading to the dentist. Everything worked out well. It turns out there was nothing wrong with my actual teeth. A piece of gum had flapped over my last tooth and became slightly infected. The dentist cut that piece right off and I haven’t had a problem with it […]

Dooms Day

Alright – So it’s not so bad. It’s just the dentist, but still! I’m scared. I haven’t gone to the dentist in a LONG time. I’ve NEVER had to get anything more serious done then a minor cleaning and now I may have to get a tooth pulled!? Hmph. I’m really hoping it’s just a […]

Pain, Pain Go Away

I have a dentist appointment schedule for tomorrow at 1pm. I woke up this morning and my gums are still red and swollen. There is a dull pain shooting up my jawline and to my ear. Yup. I think it’s my wisdom tooth coming in. I’m no expert on this stuff though so I won’t […]

Beautiful Day

It’s gorgeous outside. This kind of day reminds me of when I was a child and off of a school. Sigh. I weighed myself this morning at 155.5. I’m really excited about this number. I haven’t seen something that low in a really long time. I haven’t been drinking and I’ve been eating SUPER healthy. […]

Falling Apart =(

Well – My weekend was good. Drew took me to the Pallisades mall on Friday. It’s an absolutely amazing mall. I’ve never been some place like it. Five levels of food, shopping and entertainment. I bought my first pair of heels in LONG time. Granted, they are like.. half of an inch heels but still.. that counts! We […]

I went to the gym last night!

Yesterday was a good day. Food, if I recall correctly, was pretty good. At the end of the night I went to the gym for the first time in a long time. I jogged/walked two miles in 30 minutes and that was good enough for me. When I walked in I was upset at first […]

Nikki, you dumdum.

So, I wake up this morning at 8:15am. I take my shower, get dressed, get my coffee and start opening up the store. I see Shannon and Indranie walking towards the store so I run to the schedule and alas.. I’m in at 11am, not 9am. Oops! My vacation was fantastic. Drew and I went […]

Weekend was great!!

Yawn. I’m tired today. My weekend was fantastic. Friday after work I headed into the city. I took the subways to Grand Central and then was on my way to Connecticut to see Drew. I was so proud of myself because I figured everything out myself. It was actually very easy. The city can sometimes […]