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The Skinny on Me January 8, 2012

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A little info about myself…

I’m 5’2, currently in the brink of 170 lbs and hoping to lose about 50. The last time I was here, I went as low as 156 and tethered back and forth between that and 160s. Which tells me I’m not completely doing something right.

School started, so I lost the effort and time for my cause (although I made some effort to continue, but.. here it goes.. lol… “I got way too busy and way too stressed to deal with anything else but school”

I’m in the nursing program… Aspiring RN. It’s a tough program and it really took a toll on my emotional and physical health. And I am not kidding. At the start of my program, I thought people were just overexaggerating this stuff. I was wrong lol and I stand corrected

But I love it and I would like to be a downright awesome nurse someday.

I have about a 6 weeks of winter break, so I’m back and ready to make the tweeks and adjustment to make this diet ordeal WORKABLE with my current lifestyle.

No more fast food (I fell into the trap of that during the semester) and make conscious choice of healthy breakfast and lunch.

Yay! Let’s get this thing going!! Let’s rock together! 🙂


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