Don’t mind if I babble on, but I am excited about something!  The Ideal Protein diet has made me realize a few things. I knew mentally that sugar is an addiction, but I’m realizing now since I’m mostly eating protein that sugar is highly addictive. You need more and more sugar to get the same high and the same insulin spike in your blood sugar. Then your blood sugar crashes and you need more sugar to get high again. It is an addictive and deadly mix.

Now that I’m not eating sugar and consuming mostly protein (meat and vegetables), my body is in a state of ketosis. Ketosis means that my body is burning fat as fuel and not glycogen and as a consequence I’m not storing fat in my body. My body has become a fat burning machine.

I have been feeling so full and not craving carbs/sugar like I used to. Food companies know what to put in high sugar products to keep people coming back for more. High sugar/processed foods are everywhere you look. Grocery stores are smart in stocking all the junk food at the door when you walk in so you’ll buy them. TV ads are mostly advertising the next ‘sugar cereal’ or ‘McDonalds meal deal’ geared to kids, sadly.

I don’t want to go back to high glycemic carbohydrates when I’m finished the ideal protein diet because I know I’ll just gain my weight back and maybe more. High glycemic carbs are carbohydrates that absorb quickly into the bloodstream and give you that insulin spike and high blood sugar. The downside is that your blood sugar quickly crashes (hypoglycemia), and your blood sugar goes low and which makes you crave more high sugary foods,  and thus the vicious cycle of weight gain. Low glycemic carbohydrates enter your bloodstream slower like an I.V drip and keep you fuller longer and in a middle zone where you don’t crave sugary foods. We should aim to keep in this middle, even zone by eating lower glycemic foods.

The Paleo diet is a perfect diet that was used back in the cavemen days before agriculture where people were hunter and gatherers and ate berries, nuts, meat, and vegetables. They didn’t eat grains and even wheat wasn’t like the wheat we have on our plates today. The wheat that was around was so organic, compared to the wheat you see today. This leads me to another issue. The chemicals including antibiotics in our meat supply, pesticides used on our fruit, and veggies is concerning Hence, another reason I want to start eating organically and taking my health into my hands.

I feel like a chapter has been turned for me recently. I don’t even want to go back to eating uncontrollably, feeling like crap and having no energy. I want to feel good and get into an optimum fitness state as well. I joined a gym for 18 months and plan on working hard on myself in that time.

Lots of thoughts today. I also have a lot more energy these days since I’ve started this IP program. I weigh myself in a few days and I’m looking forward to it. I also want to get my measurements taken at the six-eight week point to see my progress.

Here is a list of the glycemic load of a number of foods. The higher the number (to 100), the higher on the glycemic index and the worse it is for you. These are the foods that will send your insulin levels soaring. As you can see foods like beans, fruit, and vegetables have low GI, compared to grains and high sugary food with a high GI.