Ugh! This past week has been just crazy! I had the worst week as it was my time of the month. I felt so bloated, and was sooo hungry. I’ll have to make a note of this period to realize that I have to push hard that week to eat well. I ended up eating out too much last week. I’ve been eating healthy things when I eat out, but I will stop eating out for awhile. I just think it is sabotaging all the work that I do.

I ended up gaining 1.5 pounds this past week. I vow to stay on plan this week, and get in some exercise. My dad gave me an indoor bicycle and I want to use it. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I used to love and want to exercise. I have been walking a lot, but I need to get to the gym. I joined the gym last week, and haven’t make the effort to go. I only have mornings to get up, and go to the gym. It involves me getting up early, eating breakfast, walking ten mins to the gym, working out and walking back. I need to be back by at least noon so I can eat a good lunch. I figure I can work out an hour or an hour and a half if I get up by 9am. I just need to go to bed earlier is all. It takes awhile to build a habit, so It’ll get easier over time. I have no excuses except my laziness.  I need to kick myself in the ass!

I made a bet with my brother this past weekend. We will try and lose ten pounds by Xmas. I said that I could do it no problem. In fact, I said I’d like to lose more than that. Seeing Xmas is about ten weeks away. I was amazed at how much my brother eats and drinks, and stays slim (not slim, but 200 pounds). He seems to be gaining weight. He drinks like a fish, and I could imagine him gaining more weight over time just by the way he drinks. Anyway, I need to focus on myself and what I need to do.

I really need to see a loss next week! Positive thoughts. I will work hard this week. I will stay on plan. I will lose weight next Tuesday. 🙂

I have to stop going to my weigh in’s on Mondays. I was so sad to leave my regular night because I got to know the people that I”ve been with for over a month. I have to work on Monday evenings from now on, so  go on Tuesday mornings meeting instead.