Second post.

January 6th, 2013 by jillmc

Well since I last wrote I am down to 296. I will remind people I am not a writer, nor will I pretend to be. I also am not to good at the computer. I am doing this to keep myself accountable and for any postive feedback.

I started eating alot of fruits and vegetables for the first three days. I also got my juicer(i am in love with right now), So the first time I juiced I decided to do some green juice….Yuck. But I drank it because I hate being wasteful. My kids also like to watch the juicer and wanted to try it. I now can say they rather try the raw vegies then the juice. However my oldest has not wanted to try anything period. Anyways I also did a fruit juice in the morining and ohhhh how I love that. I feel like i’m super charged for the day.

Well yesterday was my son’s birthday, and I didn’t feel guilty for the first time “cheating” on a diet. Why? Because I decieded i’m not on a diet but changing my lifestyle. So I just had smaller portions. It was good for my mind to realize this.

Excercise….well that’s non exsistent right now. I can lie to myself and say house work, being a mom, nurse, ext…is excercise. But to really make a change I actually need to do it. Motivation….well I’ll work on it.

Hello world!

December 28th, 2012 by jillmc

I am a 34 year old mother of 3 little boys and happily married. I am 300 pounds and 5 to 10, also i am a registered nurse. I have always been active but I’ve also been overweight all of my life. I want to take control and I start now. You see my oldest son is autistic. I want to live a healthy and strong life and be a good example for my children. my day consist mostly eating finger foods with my children.I just ordered a juicer and its supposed to arrive on Monday the 31.So today I started eating vegetables and fruits but I also ate other food. we will see how it goes I also have to get a scale.  well thats all for today.