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Grumpy March 29, 2011

Filed under: March — jewlz280 @ 11:21 am

Let me warn you with just the title — I am T totally fuckin’ grumpy today.  No need to mince words — I just am.  No, no gain or loss.  Scale said 205.5 but first said 205.  But that’s not why I’m grumpy.  I’m fried and need a break.  Days of grumpy kids and then a grumpy hubby yesterday have just put me in a foul mood.  And I FEEL like I need a break.  I would love to run around the road and have a chat with a friend, but I don’t see that happening.  And NOW, my stomach is starting to hurt.  URGH.  I just want out of this house for a bit.


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