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Late December 6, 2008

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I know it’s late, but I wanted to go ahead and explain what my diet is.  As I mentioned before, I was doing low carb mixed with a little low GI (Glycemic Index) to lose weight.  Well, it was working, but it was seriously SLOW.  I mean, there were weeks and WEEKS of no weight loss and the weeks where I did lose, they were small (like, half a pound).  So, after the dreaded picture was when I decided to crack down on my diet.  I decided to go as low carb as I could and flat out avoid them.  For me, it was the only option.  And the only way I felt I could do a very low carb diet was to start using protein shakes to supplement.  I wanted to basically stay in phase 1 of Atkins (20g of carbs).

So, I started subbing one meal a day with one shake.  At first, it was just breakfast because, that was always the meal I skipped or ate junk for.  Then, I started replacing lunch once in a while and now, well, I subsist on mostly protein shakes with a couple of healthy meals during the day.  I guess you could basically say I do a liquid diet.  I am even on a liquid diet discussion board that I really enjoy, but so far, I’ve not been able to go FF (full fast).  I mean, I want to lose weight, but I don’t know how much food I am willing to give up.

The great part for me is that I have been doing this and FINALLY losing weight!  I take good vitamin supplements, so no worries on me not getting those in.  And not to sound snide, but at this point, losing weight is healthier for me!  But just to be safe, I plan on doing a check-up in Jan. just to make sure all my blood work is good.  I want to be sure and cover all of my bases.  But to be honest, I feel good about it because I’ve done comparisons between many of the actual liquid diet products, protein shake products, and mine and I’m pretty darn close!  But I should also mention the reason why I make my own is for several reasons:  1) I don’t like soy products.  2) I’m allergic to milk.  3) I can’t use Splenda ‘regularly’.  That’s the gist of it!  So, ‘purchased’ pre-made products won’t work for me.  BUT, I have found a combo that works for me!  And now that I am really losing, I’m feeling good.  After YEARS of not being able to lose on traditional low calorie diets, I know that for me to really lose, my carb content has to be low, calories moderate, protein high, and fat medium (but of GREAT quality).

I realize I can’t do this forever, and quite frankly, I don’t want to.  I am thinking that come January, I will start to add more food in.  BUT, for now, I am pondering doing FF until Christmas.  My only worry is right now, I freely give myself time off.  I don’t believe in being TOO strict, so I allow that time off to indulge in foods I would normally not.  Such as pasta or pastry.  But I don’t binge on it or eat it all day.  I just do one meal which is usually dinner, but we have gone out for a wonderful breakfast before!  🙂  And then there are our GNO’s (Girls Night Out’s) where I do have drinks and dance my tushy off.  But I keep thinking that maybe I should try a full fast just to see what it’s like and maybe drop a few extra pounds to sorta give me a cushion when come January I start adding my ‘real food’ snacks back in.  I mean, I’m 189.5 and doing full fast, I would have the potential to lose a good chunk (maybe even 10lbs.) before January.  If I reached the 170’s, that would only leave me about 25lbs. until my goal weight.  And even though I know that the last 10 or so will be the hardest, I just keep thinking of how wonderful it will be to be there!  But we will see.

I should mention that I also keep a food journal.  I write EVERYTHING in there.  Exercise, food, water, vitamins, and my weight (I only officially weigh on Thursdays).  It’s been VERY helpful in helping me to see what I put in my body and I KNOW it will be the key to maintaining in the future.  But for now, I should go.  I wrote about being ‘down’ earlier, but I suddenly feel a bit lighter and I think I’ll get in a workout before bed.  I do a Challenge every so often and my Challenge for this month is to get in at least 20 days of exercise this month!  So far, not doing great — hoping to make up some time over the next few days!  I NEED to make this a habit.  Thanks for reading!



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