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Heyyyyy…. April 28, 2012

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OK, so I heard back from ‘Suzanne’ this AM.  Turns out that whatever the issue is, it’s VERY random and they can’t just fix one blog or another.  :/  It’s like it’s some sort of programming glitch that has just popped up.  She said at this time, I’d probably be better off either exporting all of my blogs out to a new blog location or even opening a new blog here.  I very well may do that!  That way I could still stay but I would be under a new title.  Hmmm… Maybe Searching for Jewlz.  TEEHEE!

My weight this AM is 191.0.  I’m thinking it’s from the yard work I did yesterday.  I plan on taking it somewhat easy today and just working around the house.  I would work outside, but my official weigh in is tomorrow and I don’t want to overdo it and my muscles get all swollen up.  Plus… hubby is off tomorrow and I think that I could work on some other project today and then have the majority of tomorrow afternoon to work on the yard!  😀  I’d really like to finish cleaning up some of the brush and then cutting more to dry.  I also need to try to go to HD at some point for some brush killer.  Someone planted English Ivy in the house behind us that is catty corner to our property.  It has gotten out of control and spread through their fence, through the passageway, and then all over the back corner.  I need to kill it off or it will spread just as bad as poison ivy and that Virginia creeper.  I’ve been pulling that stuff out like crazy!!!  But English Ivy is VERY hard to kill.  But I will confess…. I plan on keeping some for house plants.  LOL  They do well in or out and well, I’d like some free plants!  AND, I’d like to look at some bushes/plants for the side yard while I am there and the border blocks.  The neighbors landscaping company ran over part of our flower bed so we have decided to put up a pretty substantial border.  Part of which will be used to help resupport the section of our yard that seems to be sliding.  I can’t think of what that is called right now… BRAIN FART.  But the border part will also help to keep out weeds and keep our pine needles in.  I just wish I could find the right plants for that area… it’s in a lot of shade.

Anyways, not sure what to work on in the house today other than my regular housework.  I know I need to work on a project, but not sure WHICH project to do.  I am thinking maybe some sanding in the bathroom or some paint in the hall…  I’d really like to get some painting done since there is still so much of it to do.  AND, if my hall were finished, then I could hang up the pics that have been needing to be hung for forever now.  So much to do.  I’ll get it done just in time to move, I’m sure.  I never did work out formally the last few days but I have kept busy and I plan on doing the same today.  I may try to fit in a workout though.  I could do some sanding and try the stain out that I wanted to in the bathroom (for the nicks in the wood) and then workout during nap…  hmmm….

I’ve been pretty good on food the last few days.  Been having a lighter breakfast, good lunch and snack, nice dinners and little to no late snack/dessert.  Although yesterday my ‘dessert’ was Hot & Spicey Cheez-its.  NOM NOM.  I’m afraid I ate too many, but I’m not going to freak.  I had a good dinner so no point in freaking.  I sure got in a lot of fruit and veggies yesterday, too.  I think I had more than normal.  There were some raisins at breakfast, an apple, tomato and lettuce at lunch, figs at snack, and then green beans and potatoes at dinner.  I think there was fruit or veggie in pretty much everything I ate!  Except the Cheeze-its.  LOL  And come to think of it, I had put a bit of grape juice in my diet lemon lime so there was sorta fruit in that, too!  Although I don’t normally count juice since it has so much sugar in it.  I wasn’t even trying for that, but it’s still pretty cool.  😀

My breakfast was higher than normal this AM.  I had a blueberry bagel with PB and a drizzle of honey.  I’d say not too far over since I know I didn’t use 2 full tbsps. of pb and not even a whole thing of honey.  But it was exactly what I wanted and so good!  I just wish they made the blueberry ones in the thins.  I like the thins so much better!  I’m not sure why… I just do.  I eat the cinnamon raisin ones quite a bit, but I had really wanted the blueberry this AM.

Well, I should stop rambling and get on with my day.  Although, the kids are acting batty so I’m not sure how much I will actually be able to get done.  I may just have to roll with it and do what I can.  I’d love to go through and do another toy purge… I just did one not too long ago, but it just seems like the toys have taken over recently… UGH.  I may try to at least go back through the living room ones and maybe oldest’s room since he is about to get a room makeover.  😀  OK, have a great day ladies and a great weekend!


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