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Nothing April 18, 2012

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Nothing new here… except I hit 189.5 this AM!!!  WOOT!  I’m pretty sure I was lower than that yesterday, but I didn’t weigh!!  And last night, I had pizza and wine, so I’m pretty positive I was a smidge lower yesterday.  😀  I’m a happy gal right now!  I stuck it out and let go of the negativity and my body let go of the pounds!  YEE HAW!  Now, just need to keep it up until my ‘official’ weigh in.  The only issue is… I won’t be here!  We’re going on a little couple’s retreat this weekend, so I won’t be here to weigh!  I know I want to do well up until we go and only have a couple of my fave meals while we are down there.  I mean, I don’t have to eat like a pig to have a good time.  I can have what I want, just in smaller portions.  Actually going to talk to the hubby about splitting meals to not only save on cals, but on money, too!  One place we really want to go is the Cheesecake Factory!  We don’t have one here so we try to go when we are near one… which is maybe once every couple of years.  :O  But I don’t want to blow all my hard work just for food… ya know?  I’m really the most excited about Ikea!  OH!!!!  IKEA!!!!  LOL  And of course, spending some quality time with my honey… we desperately need it!

Although, the last couple of days have been a good balm to our marriage.  I think I was so messed up from lack of sleep it was eeking into everything and I was starting to really doubt my marriage.  We’ve had rough spots before, but this was… weird.  I just felt like everything was over like there was impending doom.  And honestly, I’m not sure where it came from.  But we had a good long talk and snuggle the night before last and then hung out with another couple last night and things are feeling much better.  I think we were just letting everything get to us and it was really affecting me in my weakened lack of sleep state.  Because as of yesterday and today, I’m feeling much more level.  I have to keep that in mind for the future — extreme lack of sleep makes me weird and depressed and all emo… and I hate it!!!  HATE IT!  So, I need to be more aware of that in the future and when I feel that way I need to address it and not do my typical wife/Mom thing and say, “I’m fine.” When clearly, I’m not ‘fine’.

So far today, I’ve been a somewhat lazy gal!  I haven’t done much of anything and that is ok since yesterday I was uber productive!  I paid bills, finally got our taxes in, dropped off the water bill, paid the car payment, got my hair cut, did some more shopping… then bathed both kiddos and clipped fingernails/toenails.  ALL before the company!  So, yesterday was quite busy and I’m sorta taking it easy today.  I have done my nails and toenails, made some calls, and done some research.  BUSY BUSY!


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  1. incontrol2day Says:

    Have fun on your couple’s retreat! I love IKEA and Cheesecake Factory! The food is so yummy 🙂

    Congrats on a new decade!

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