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Another Email… April 9, 2012

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I just sent out another email, but I don’t know if they will even respond.  I don’t do the forums, but I do know that I’ve been on at least 4 blogs in the last day or so and all of us are having issues.  I hope this is fixed soon.  I have decided to keep toughing it out for now.  Mostly because the reason I blog here is for the support.  I just know I won’t get that through another blogger site.  But if the issues continue I guess I may move.  I don’t know what other choice I will have.  I mean, if I can’t comment or anything, it will be pointless, right?  I’ve decided to stay on Tumblr.  Not to really blog, but just to follow the DIY blogs I’ve already linked.  I really like them and well… couldn’t hurt to follow!  I guess it’s no worse than something like Twitter.  Except that I can learn new things.  LOL

Weight is 191.5 this AM.  So, going to continue lots of water and hope I get more sleep tonight.  Youngest was up a hundred times it felt like last night and I am dragging heavily today.  I don’t feel like doing much of anything and well…  I don’t think I will.  I think I will try to take it easy.  It’s back to school for us tomorrow so I will probably get all the school stuff ready and maybe do some laundry.  I also need to pay bills and balance the checkbook and work on taxes, but I am just going to do a little at a time.  Like, I want to work on bills now.  I am too tired to do too much more at one sitting.  Going to nuke my coffee, too.

So, I’m off for now.  I may be back for more later.  Have a good one everyone!


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  1. unskinnygirl Says:

    I didn’t use the forums either until I saw a link in “diary of a mad
    Fat women’s” blog that directed me to the forum. I really hope it gets fixed for you!!! Congrats on 191! Aren’t you super anxious to hit the 180’s? Lol I’m going through a fantastic weight fluctuation and I cannot get into the 2-teens it’s starting to get on my nerves!!!! As im sure your frustrated with your fluctuations too! But…. I have faith that we can both get through our little plateaus! Is it just me? Or do we struggle with the same things at the same time,always? Lol it seems to be the case. Anyhow,good luck!

  2. pepagirl Says:

    I hope things get fixed soon, I am looking foward to my daily dose of Jewlz! BTW, in my infinite wisdom I found your Tumblr a while back, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to comment on it. If you do make a permanent move I may need a tutorial on how to do so, lol!

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