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3/22 March 22, 2012

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Quick blog this AM.  Still having sign-in issues and still not able to do much other than sneak on here, type out a quick blog, and sign off.  Which I guess in some ways is just as well, but is also very annoying as I can’t really get to the blogs I want to or be supportive which I need and I’m sure others like as well.  So, overall, I’m just feeling bummed and really thinking that maybe I will indeed switch everything over.  If I do, I will post my new blog here so that anyone who wants to follow me, can.  I will probably do what Pepa has done and post my blog link for a bit to help transition over.  I’m giving this a bit more time, and then if it isn’t fixed, I’m outtie.  I hate to, but what other choice do I have at this point?

Anyways, for two days, I weighed in at 190 flat and then today, 191.5.  But that was completely expected.  I actually expected higher!  You see, we did a crazy amount of yardwork yesterday and I was sweating like crazy and before I even went to bed, I was SORE.  So, I knew my weight was going to be up today… a lot!  I actually was quite surprised at only the 1.5 up.  Only 1 up from my last ‘official’ weigh-in.  So today before I go out, I’m drinking LOTS of water.  I’ve only had one cup of coffee but that is ok since my stomach seems unhappy.  Probably from being tired and slightly dehydrated.  I know I’m slightly dehydrated just because my urine this AM was very little and DARK yellow.  I drank water yesterday, but apparently that wasn’t enough!  So, my goal is about 3L today… 4 if I can stand it.  I think I had about 3 without even trying yesterday but I’m not sure.  UGH.  Just had to chew some Tums.  My stomach is really unhappy right now.  🙁  Probably just too much acid.  I may eat lunch early to try to help with that.  Something easy and simple that will absorb it and then some salad or fruit to keep on plan with getting good and hydrated.  🙂

Other than that, not much going on.  Trying to stick with plan and go on with life.  Hubby is doing ok, too.  Well, I better get off of here and try to get something done, sick stomach and all!  I just won’t push myself to do too much.  And I may go double up on my daily vitamin to give me a little ‘boost’.  I wouldn’t normally do that, but when I start to feel run down, I head straight for the good stuff like water, fruit/veggies, and vitamins!  Hopefully I perk up and get to enjoying the rest of the day and I can be productive.  Have a good one everyone!


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  1. incontrol2day Says:

    Yard work is hard work! My arms feel sore after raking (damn oak trees)

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. journey2skinny Says:

    Yea it’s that time of year! It’s an awesome workout though 🙂

    Are you still doing the carb cycling or just counting calories?

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