20 Jul 2009 In: Weigh In

My son2 started Tackle Football Camp today. He was SUPER excited. His birthday on Saturday went wonderfully. We had Flag Football game going with a mix of adults and 10 year olds. The kids played until it was too hot and then went thru the sprinkler park. The cupcake bar was a wonder. They were in heaven, but I bought way too much and have over a dozen cupcakes taunting me here in the house.

Sunday…..I did the Donor Dash in Dever, CO. 2,925 people this year and it was gorgeous. I ran a little over a mile and met some great people. I broke down and had 1/2 an oatmeal cookie, but still did well. Finished in about 42 min. I know that is high, but I still had fun. In September I am doing another and going to restart the C25K with a purpose now!!!!

Today….I weighed in DOWN 2.5# to 193.5. I am slowly working my way down.

Later 🙂

Unofficial WI

17 Jul 2009 In: Weigh In

OK….I steped on the scale again at home. I know this is a no no but I hate suprises and I need to weigh in today. To my amazement I am at 194.8! Woo-hoo! My birthday did not derail my weight loss.

I still have to get thru my son’s birthday party tomorrow. We share the same birthday, but had another party to go to on our day. I think it should be fun and hopefully no one will even notice that I am not eating the cupcakes. He LOVES football and we will be playing flag football in the park. All the other kids should have lots to play with there too. Then, he doesn’t want cake…..he wants a cupcake bar. I have 4 kinds of frosting, M&Ms, and sprinkles and more for the kids to make their masterpieces with.

I can’t wait to see his face!

Good Luck everyone on your weight loss.

Trying to Make this a Lifestyle

16 Jul 2009 In: Uncategorized

I have decided that my suppers must be what I am feeding my boys in order to make this a lifestyle change that I can live with. I have eaten a modified meal each night this week so I am working on this goal really hard. Last night we had Enchilladas and I had a deconstructed Enchillada….chicken meat on lettuce with corn tortilla beside. It was GREAT. I have leftover meat mix for today.

Tonight I will be making homemade Popcorn Chicken. YUM!



27 May 2009 In: Uncategorized

I woke up this morning and just couldn’t wait to step on the scale. I know, I know…..don’t torture yourself and weigh all the time. My hubby removed the scale from the house so I cannot weigh in really….but…..the wii fit is a scale, right? An inaccurate one, but it said I lost 9 lbs. FAT CHANCE. I know that is wrong!!!!

DS #1 has finally decided to cut his long tresses. I am sooooo happy. Mohawk for the summer, but that is a small price to pay in order to have short boy hair when school starts next year! His face is so soft and girl – like that the shag was hard for me to take. I had to shave the mohawk before school this morning. After breakfast and getting ready (almost all the way). This child is normally so slow, but tell him that you will cut a wild haircut for school that day and 10 min. later he’s eaten, washed, brushed his hair and got his clothes on (except the shirt so it stays clean) Gotta love that!

So we get the haircut out of the way and then they miss the bus. I have to drive them to school. I come back home and wait for the computer to start. In the meantime, the wii fit is calling me. Maybe this time it will be close. I step on and close my eyes. 204.3 — woo hoo. Yesterday the wii said 206 (even tho the center said 204.5) so I am going to say that unofficially I am moving in the right direction! Now I just have to get back to work!!!!

Week 1 Day 1

26 May 2009 In: Couch 2 5K work

Ok….I just finished Week 1 Day 1.  I suprised myself. I did all the runs and feel good. I’m using Suzy’s Couch 2 5K podcasts and love them. They have upbeat music….so it keeps me moving. My only wish is that there would be some encouragement along the way.

Weighing In

26 May 2009 In: Weigh In

After this weekend holiday, I went in to the center this morning. I loved the lady that helped me. She was cheerful and so happy for me.

I lost 2# ….. now at 204.5

Starting over

26 May 2009 In: Uncategorized

Last year at this time…..I was doing great. I was so proud of my new body and feeling great. I didn’t complete Stabilization and maintenance tho because I was out of state. Now I have gained all the weight and am starting over!