Inconsistently Consistent

So, I haven’t been on for a while again. Sorry about that blog fans(?) I just get very busy at very random points in my life. Which is crazy right now, by the way. I’m in the process of packing and moving, quitting one job, gaining another, holding my second job AND I just started a business selling pre-paid legal services, as it were. Don’t google it if that interests you though, let me know and I can e-mail some information out to you! (It’s really a very legitimate business, so please, if you’d like more information let me know! ^_^)

On the weight front… I’ve gained 15 lbs since Spring Break. Yesterday was the topper. I cried, I raged, I threw a fit, I pouted, I hated myself, I ate more in desperation, I felt sick from the desperation feeding and then I called my nana. She’s the biggest supporter of my life and she’s going to help me through this. She’s going to help me pay for some personal training at the gym and protein smoothie type things to help me lose weight. She’s right there with me, and is going to keep me strong so… the road to recovery begins again I guess. This will be the time, hopefully.

To the rest of you struggling or not struggling, keep up the good work. We can all do this if we stick together and push through with our willpowers! Let’s keep our chins up and keep marching forward!

*165 lbs*

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