Tuesday Terrors

Looks like Tuesdays are becoming my worst splurge days. Went to my grandmother’s house yesterday to cook with her, a pasttime we’ve done since I was a child, and ended up eating my weight in biscotti dough and shtruddle. And then I had dinner. What’s up with that? I’m going to hope that the fact that I was standing all day in my Reebok EasyTones will add to my calorie burn, so I won’t have to worry as much about it… either way, checked in to a new Self Challenge and am getting my butt back into working out. I’m terrified I’m going to gain back all the weight I lost in this week of vacationing in San Diego.

The largest problem is that everyone from my family in this area of the world is ludicrously unhealthy. They don’t understand portion size and they don’t care that I try not to eat past 6. I feel rather bitchy reminding them what not to eat all the time, but they eat in excess all the bad things for you. “Okay, Jenna,” the reader says, “Get over yourself and just modify your meals. You know what to do, you have the knowledge about foods. Make your own similar meals in the healthy way!” All well and good, if you’re not being dragged along to Mexican restaurants every time you go to out to eat. “So don’t go out!” the reader cries in my ear. Sure! But I’m not the one paying, and my father wants to spend time with me. Who am I to break his heart and tell him I’m going to stay home? We’re planning on eating sushi tonight, shouldn’t be too bad for me, if my research is right… we all saw how horribly that went with chicken wings though.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: I weighed in yesterday at 154. 🙂 (granted, that was yesterday morning, before the splurge to end all splurges…) Didn’t weigh this morning, not sure if I will tomorrow. Need to get my happy butt moving today if I even want to consider that I’ve lost any weight at all, or burned any calories.

Well, off to double check sushi calories!


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