Vacation 3, Jenna 0

Alright. Got home yesterday and just let myself have a day before I get back into things. So far today am on target with somewhere near 1200 calories in me, and a little dessert waiting when I get home. Weighed in this morning. Up 3 lbs thanks to the week of horrorible eating and no […]


So, stayed on track yesterday (even with the In ‘n’ Out fiasco) and didn’t go outside of my alotted calorie limit for the day. Went to Gramma’s and didn’t turn down her offer of a sandwich, though looking back, shouldn’t have eaten my snack (even if it was just fruit and cheese) because we’re hitting […]


I’m not asking for someone to be completely on board with me, but you’d think that your own family would understand when you’re on a diet that it’s hard when you’re being constantly tempted and surrounded by things that just aren’t good for you. Their compromise for not eating late (9/10ish)? We’ll go get In […]

Thursday Cringefest…

So, stepped on that scale this morning. Hoping to have somehow miraculously lost weight between Tuesday’s carbo-loading and now… No such luck. Up 3 pounds for Spring Break. There’s a way to come back to school: “Hi guys! Remember all that weight I lost? Just gained it back in a week, no sweat! Here’s how!” […]

Tuesday Terrors

Looks like Tuesdays are becoming my worst splurge days. Went to my grandmother’s house yesterday to cook with her, a pasttime we’ve done since I was a child, and ended up eating my weight in biscotti dough and shtruddle. And then I had dinner. What’s up with that? I’m going to hope that the fact […]


Have been a looooot better about calories today. Pretty sure I still went over (kind of had to keep food in me to fend off the hangover from a binge induced binge of alcohol with the roommate, they don’t call it “fat Tuesday” for nothing, right?) but I did alright. I kept it under 2000c, […]

The Splurging Point

I splurged today. The problem is, I didn’t realize I was doing it at the time. Looking back, you would think that I would have guessed how bad the food I was eating was for me, but I thought I’d remembered looking up hot wings earlier this year and that they hadn’t been horrible on […]