30lbs down!

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I have been slacking lately on updating my blog. As of this morning I am down 30 pounds, only 21 left to go!  21 pounds seems like such a small number compared to 51! It seems so achievable! I have continued to try new recipes. Some I’ve loved, some have been just ok. http://www.southbeachrecipes.com/diet-recipes/cheese-stuffed-beef-rolls These were yummy!! A lot like a lasagna or Stuffed Shells with no pasta. http://www.southbeachrecipes.com/diet-recipes/cheddar-stuffed-burgers These were ok. Nothing spectacular.  http://www.southbeachrecipes.com/diet-recipes/crunchy-parmesan-mustard-pork-chops These were pretty tasty. I used regular (GASP!) italian seasoned breadcrumbs because thats what I had in my pantry.

I really think the new recipes are going to help keep me going with this journey. By eating foods that I enjoy, it doesn’t feel like a diet. And since this a lifestyle change for me, that is perfect! I am compiling all of my recipes so that I can make a recipe book. It will be organized by SB Phase 1, SB Phase 2 and then ones that are kid-friendly but not necessarily SB friendly (I try to find new recipes for my little one too, although all the SB recipes have been perfect for him too.) Yes, I enjoy organizing. I love to plan. Its a sickness. I know.  (Case in point – a BFF is preggo with her first, due in mid-March and I have already started a folder with ideas for her baby shower. The theme is already decided on.) My DH makes fun of me for this.

On the clothes front, I am now a perfect size 10 and wear medium shirts. The shirt part is pretty exciting as today I am wearing a button up short sleeved, collared shirt in MEDIUM. This is a wonderful thing because my upper arms have always been really big and I have always had to buy this style shirt in a larger size to accomodate my arms. I didn’t have to do that this time!  This weekend I gathered all my pants that I really like that are now to big for me and I will be taking them to the tailor this week. Some of them go with some pretty nice suits, so they aren’t really replacable.

My Jazzercise place was closed for repairs all last week so I haven’t been in awhile. I will only get to go 1 night this week because of various schedule conflicts 🙁 I did do a butt routine from Excercise On Demand this weekend and my buttcheeks hurt for 2 days afterwards so that is a total WIN!

I’ll try to be better and updating! Thanks for reading!