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Welcome to my Weight Loss Blog!  This will be a place to list my motivations, successes, weaknesses, and aggravations.

To start: my is Jenn. I am currently 28 years old and married to a wonderful man. We just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. We are the very proud parents of an ADORABLE 13 month old son. He is my world.

I have always had trouble with my weight. I attribute this to unhealthy eating/exercising habits established for me by my parents, which turned into a lack of self-control on my part when it came to food and working out. In high school, I was the fat cheerleader. I hovered around 200 through most of my highschool days. Between my sophomore and junior years, my mom and I moved across the country to start a new chapter in our lives. Around that part I slowly started losing weight, but was not technically dieting and therefore never weighed myself. The loss continued slowly for a few years. I still never weighed, but my guess would be that I got down to 160-170. I then met and married my first husband. And as people in relationships tend to do, I stopped watching what I was eating and gained weight. The marriage went south quickly and I ended up moving back to my home town to get out of my current situation.  I met my now husband after swearing off men for a year. 6 months later I moved back accross the country, because that is where I wanted to settle and really start my life. 2 months later, he followed me. He moved accross the country, sight unseen, for me. 4 months after that, we were engaged. 7 months after that we were married at the courthouse. 3 months after that, we were staring at a positive pregnancy test. The pregnancy was planned so we were both ecstatic! Getting back into a steady relationship again caused a weight gain for me. A month before we got married, I was around 195, so I read the South Beach book and started right away. I also started Jazzercise regularly. By the time I found out I was preggo (3.5 months later after starting SB) I was down 25 pounds. During my pregnancy, I gained about 28 pounds so I was back to my pre-SB weight. After I gave birth, the weight dropped off pretty easily for a few weeks. But that stopped.

Being a first time mom is hectic and overwhelming at times. I generally ate whatever was quick and easy. Fast food was my friend. I went back to work full time and between that, daycare runs and taking care of the baby, diet and excercise was the last thing on my mind. Well i was edging back toward the 200’s and realized that I needed to do something. I had no energy and with the little one quickly becomming a toddler a lack of energy would not be acceptable. March 1st we hired a nanny that would come to our house each day to watch the little one. I figured this was the perfect time to get back on the South Beach wagon as I would have extra time during the day and little one was becomming more independent.

I began at 191.2 on March 1st with an initial goal of 161 pounds. I was just doing the diet at the time and had not added a steady exercise routine in to my weeks yet. By July I was down 22 pounds. I decided it was time that I should start back at Jazzercise, and luckily there is a class about 2 miles from my house.  In a way I am kind of glad that i did it this way, as adding in the exercise has kind of giving my weight loss a kick in the rear and has helped to keep me motivated.

As of today, I am at 165.0. My hubby and I are taking a trip to a water park in a week and a half. I went to Target yesterday and bought a new bathing suit for it. It will be quite a success for me to wear a bathing suit in public! I will post pics soon.

My new goal is a total of 51 pounds lost. That will put me at 140. I hope to get there by 12/31/2010. I think I was probably in 5th grade the last time I weighed 140 pounds. That makes me sad.

Thanks for reading! I will be adding pics soon!


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  1. losingit2010 on August 13, 2010 12:53 pm

    Hey awesome blog and great post. You keep your eye on your goals and you will reach them

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