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I lost 4.2lbs this week! I know I originally planned that I would have my weigh in day either Monday or Tuesday, but when I saw my number today I decided that this was good enough! (And I should probably then use Monday and Tuesday to count for next week, because now I’m expecting a small loss, so I need every little bit I can get).

But I’m so happy! I really needed this boost of encouragment to keep me going, since I’ve so wishy washy lately and it’s been really easy for me to get disheartened and just quit and binge. This week has been the first week in a while that I’ve felt sort of good about myself. Hope it keeps up =)

My starting weight for this upcoming week is 176.8, and I have a goal of 1.8lbs.

And @goodnuff, here’s the second panel of the brochure (hope it works this time!)

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The Choice

Starting Weight: 169.6
Next Weigh-in: Sunday, September 4th
This Week’s goal: -1 lb

Thanks for all the good vibes girlies! And yes goodnuff, unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little while to hear more details. Maybe not the full 36 weeks, but probably not before 2012. So my weight is back down after another crappy week. I keep telling myself I need to get back on track, but I was still making bad decisions. Then, today I woke up, dinked around for a couple of hours, and got the sudden motivation to do my Turbo Jam. I ended up doing two different routines for an hour, and my day completely flipped. Suddenly I was wanting to exercise again, and making good food choices.

I even went for my six mile today, and while I was out, I started thinking. I know how to do this, it’s just that when I go off plan, I choose to be off plan. It’s not because my will is failing, or because I’m emotionally distressed, I just don’t make the choice to stay on target. And it’s not because I’m not motivated enough– I have plenty of motivation. My biggest problem is complacency, and a disregard for cause and effect. In other words, I have really been taking my metabolism for granted. After my first weight loss journey, I’m thinking my metabolism really sky-rocketed, and the rate at which I burn calories, even at rest, is pretty high. That’s why it’s been relatively easy for me to maintain. Sometimes I’ll think “Oh this pizza won’t hurt me too bad”. I just find reasons to talk myself into eating it even knowing that it will put weight loss on hold. I don’t know what I’ve been thinking these past months. When I woke up today, I didn’t know that I would try so hard to make it an on plan day. I just instantly kicked back into gear. No one needed to tell me. I made the choice. I know that the routine I love is being active and healthy. That is the me I love to be. When I’m not on plan, I really feel like I’m being a false person.

Lately I’ve felt so tired all the time. I’ll be begging for a nap by one in the afternoon, and then another at maybe six. I think that my lethargy is directly related to my unhealthy choices. When I do work out I have a lot more energy. I’ve been wanting that energy back. I’m counting my many blessings that I managed to pull 169 on the scale again. But I have to make the choice to get to 168 and below. I’m hoping this pep talk will make something stick with me, so I don’t have a repeat of the last two weeks.

But I’m over all that blecky stuff. I promised some pics from my new wardrobe. I’ve only done two outfits so far. I’ll take more pictures as I start mixing and matching things. As for my hair, there’s really nothing different about it except it looks more naturally straight. It’s always straight, but after a few years the chemicals from my first relaxer were long gone, so I was just relying on my flat iron. Now it’s a lot more manageable, but it doesn’t physically look any different. Anyhoodles, here are piccies:

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Starting Weight: 170.4
Next Weigh-in: Sunday, August 28th
This Week’s goal: -1.6 lb
Day 0: Get it Out of My System Day

Soooooo SICK of seeing 170 on that scale! I’d be less hard on myself if I could blame this entirely on TOM (which came early again *groan*) but because of that I was craving bad foods like crazy. Starting Monday I think I’m gonna do another detox. It’s been a month since my last one, so I think it’s bout that time.

I’m setting a long term goal for myself, because I have some serious motivation. I can’t tell you girlies exactly what the motivator is, but it’s REALLLLLLLY good, and I’m asking for you to send as many good vibes and prayers my way as you can spare. My mom and I are waiting for some really big news, and if it works out for us, some seriously good stuff will be coming to us. Which is certainly a change from all the crap we’ve had to wade through these past few years. So send your good juju to Jel!!! (But keep some for yourselves of course :D).

But even if this wonderful thing doesn’t happen for real, I will still use it as a motivator. Because I mean, if it does, I’m gonna NEED to be at goal big time! So this is my plan: lose 1lb a week for the next 36 weeks. That will bring me right up to April 29th (the time of the big thing!!!!) and it’s crucial that I be near goal around then! I think it’s doable, what do you girls think? I’m setting a bigger goal this week because I need to be punished for the crappy week I had food and workout wise >.< (totally my fault T_T)

I am super excited about the coming week, though. On Monday I have a hair appointment to get my hair chemically straightened. It’s been a while since I’ve had it done, but oh my GOSH I need it sooo bad. It’s coming right in time for the new school year too, so I’m super thankful. And then, on Thursday my friend and I are going to the zoo!!!! Okay, the zoo excites me way more than it should, but like, come on. It’s so effing fun. Also, I had another shopping spree on Satuday. Ahhh, this time my grandma took me soo it was free =P but I got so many cute things for overall pretty cheap. I got 21 new things for only $150 or thereabouts. I’ll start posting pics of my new sweet outfits tomorrow!

Keep those spirits up! Think positive! And goodnuff, you’re so wonderful <3 I’m glad I inspired you to get up and get walkin! I had the biggest, doofiest grin when I read that!

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Back into the 160s!

Starting Weight: 169.8
Next Weigh-in: Sunday, August 21st
This Week’s goal: -1 lb

I don’t know how I managed, but I’m down -2.6lbs this week! That’s almost 3, my freakin gosh! If that’s not motivation, I dunno what is! I guess I haven’t lost it yet =) I’m going to keep my expectations low for one more week, because this is usually when things go awry for me. I haven’t been able to get below 169 and stay there. So, let’s hope this week will be my turning point!

Also, I’m super excited because Saturday I took myself shopping. I need to get my wardrobe overhauled in time for the new semester. I went to Deb and Sears, and holy crap, I got sooo many adorable things. The entire day I spent about $80, and I got a crap TON of stuff! Clearance racks are my best buds.

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I guess I deserve that

Starting Weight: 172.4
Next Weigh-in: Sunday, August 14th
This Week’s goal: -1.4lbs

This week was an off week with the diet because of the fair, and then Friday and Saturday nights we went out to eat with family. Restaurants are buttheads, fer sure. This week I’m down -1.2lbs =( Lame. I’ll set my goal at -1.4lbs for this week so at least if I pull another small number I’ll make it an easy task for next week and I’ll be down (or hopefully out) of the 170’s for good.

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