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Will the Queen please take her crown? :D

Hear ye, hear ye! The beads have been throwneth, the goods have been flash’ed, the packski have… hopefully NOT been ateth… and ye ole winner of the first annual Mardi Gras Mad Rush Challenge is… *drum roll*


And the Queen shall reign supreme for one whole year filled with bragging rights, ball masks, and of course, your big pile of nearly 1900 beads! WAY TO GO GIRLY, you kicked major packski ass!

As for the rest of us, good go everyone! We all did uhhhhmazing. Absolutely uhmazing! I’m glad the contest took so well! Although I seem to be getting the elbow on the next one =P so I guess I won’t be holding an April challenge after all. Maybe it’s for the best, it’ll be the end of my semester and I’m gonna need the time to study up for finals and whatnots.

In the meantime I can return to posting like normal and telling you all about my incredibly boring life. For example, I have pretty much broke my entire body. I’m still coming off my cold, my feet are KILLING me, and, oh yeah, that pulled muscle seems to be getting worse. I feel like my ribs snapped and punctured my lung or something. Seriously, inhaling has never been such a chore. Yikes.

Well enough of my bitching (for now), we’re still in celebration!! Good job good job good job good job good job! Thanks for competing :D and make sure you ALL stop by jitter’s blog and kiss her heighness’ ring lest it be off with your head =3

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Mardi Gras Mad Rush Kick-Off!

And we’re off!

It’s Friday, and that means the Mardi Gras Mad Rush has officially started! Bloggers have until tomorrow to sign up for the challenge, so if you want to get involved, let me know a.s.a.p.!

To all my girlies competing, I first want to say good luck, and have fun! Especially goodnuff, who will be having surgery during our challenge, and who I refuse to let back out! Even if you’re not in it to win it, be in it to keep yourself accountable!

I will probably be posting a lot of updates about the challenge as we all get settled and learn how this is going to work. I’ve created a separate category for my posts, so if you ever need to refer back to a post or figure out how to do something, check there!

How this challenge is going to work:
At the end of the day or day(s) please post the completed tasks on the specified daily posts (i.e. Friday Results, Sat Results and so on). I’ve decided that this will be the most organized, and easiest way to keep track, because I do not want to miss anybody! IMPORTANT: If you go three days without posting an update on completed tasks I will have to drop you from the challenge. So please check in, so we can prevent this from happening.

If you have any questions, please ask!

One more thing, on this post, please give me your starting weight. I’d like to have them all by Saturday morning by the latest, please and thank you ^_^

It’s a mad, mad rush!!

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