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About Jel

Who is Jelbelle?

I started my weight loss journey on September 14th, 2010. I was a totally different person then, and I couldn’t even begin to understand what I was missing. On my journey I have lost 65lbs, made friends, and gained a new appreciation for the world…




Name: Jadeyn
Age: 19
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 168 lbs


In my spare time, I love to write. Writing is my absolute passion, and more or less the only thing I’m good at. I’ve finished my second, full novel and now I’m dipping my fingers in some serialized short fiction :3

I love…

~ Rock music. Writing. Kittens. Steampunks. Going to concerts. Photo ops. Band posters. Cutting up t-shirts. Family game nights. Tattoos. Water. X-Men. Good grammar. Anime conventions. Ball gowns. College. Techno raves. Kingdom Hearts. Robin, Boy Wonder. Dream-beams. Being engaged. Philosophical discussions till 5am. Piercings. History. Llamas. Cute boots. Paying myself back. Exercising. Synster Gates. Finding amazing new songs. Being an Indigo. Sleeping. Warped Tour. Supernatural. Bellydancing. Pasta. Tai Chi. Driving in cars with Mykul. Attempting to do screamo. The characters in my head who’s personalities I often assume. Spring. World of Warcraft. Tennis. Avenged Sevenfold. Disney songs. Beta fish. Having a busy schedule. 3FC <3 ~

I want to be a motivator and an inspiration to everyone, as many have been for me! Anyone who has questions for me I am always willing and happy to answer! I love my bloggie buddies so so so much! And I’m aways looking to make more. If you leave a comment I will always respond!