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Busy Bee is Busy

Yeah, I haven’t been getting on much, or sticking to my program, like… at all. I’ve worked every day since I hired in, which is kinda awesome, because I’m a glutton for hours right now. I would love to work as much as possible, I just wish I would get longer shifts/less days instead of more days/short shifts. This coming week I only work three days, however, because Friday is Warped Tour =) Good line up this year, but as with most concerts, I’ll be happy once it’s done and over with (ahh Warped, y u so painful?)

But yeah, my diet has really suffered. I have just been eating whatever crap I want to, and I’m pretty disappointed in myself. Yesterday I weighed 182.8, today I weigh 184.8! And I don’t doubt that it’s a legit jump with as much food as I’ve been stuffing into my mouth. I really need to find the motivation to hit the gym, because I know that getting into a habitual exercise groove with help me not overeat, or at least to watch myself a little better. I also don’t want to get eliminated from TBL, so I’m really going to try these next to weeks to get below 180 (for the billionth time)!


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    Little Miss M. said,

    July 3, 2012 @ 11:19 am

    Hey! I hear you, it’s hard to stay on plan when we are really busy and have no time to prepare good and healthy food. Don’t get discouraged, you will figure it out and find some time for your self care. Keep going! Good luck!!

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    dysfunctionalbarbie said,

    July 3, 2012 @ 1:39 pm

    I feel like a bottomless pit this week (or last coming into this week) it’s so annoying…I want to get back down under 155 so you and me will do this! You say goodbye to the 180’s and I’ll say goodbye to high 150’s!

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