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Busy Bee is Busy

Yeah, I haven’t been getting on much, or sticking to my program, like… at all. I’ve worked every day since I hired in, which is kinda awesome, because I’m a glutton for hours right now. I would love to work as much as possible, I just wish I would get longer shifts/less days instead of more days/short shifts. This coming week I only work three days, however, because Friday is Warped Tour =) Good line up this year, but as with most concerts, I’ll be happy once it’s done and over with (ahh Warped, y u so painful?)

But yeah, my diet has really suffered. I have just been eating whatever crap I want to, and I’m pretty disappointed in myself. Yesterday I weighed 182.8, today I weigh 184.8! And I don’t doubt that it’s a legit jump with as much food as I’ve been stuffing into my mouth. I really need to find the motivation to hit the gym, because I know that getting into a habitual exercise groove with help me not overeat, or at least to watch myself a little better. I also don’t want to get eliminated from TBL, so I’m really going to try these next to weeks to get below 180 (for the billionth time)!

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