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Buns and Thighs

5lbs Challenge

Okay, playtime is over! I know, I know. You girls are probably sick and tired of hearing me say that I’m ready to jump on the bandwagon and do awesome again, but I REALLY mean it this time! And just to make sure, I want you to all say something mean and hurtful in the comment you leave me. Something about how I’m super fat, or you’re disappointed in me for falling off in the first place, it doesn’t have to be true, I don’t care, just jab at me! I need the prodding.

I have been lingering in the 170s for a good long time now. And I mean I have seen every single digit in those 170s. I’ve gotten so close to the border before, like down to 172, and then I sabotage myself with a bacon cheddar burger or a pizza. Then I always make up some dumb excuse not to exercise. I used to be all excited about that stuff =( I used to run out of time to do anything else because I was so busy exercising. Now I’m lucky to force myself outside.

Well, yesterday I picked up the reins again. I went out to TJ Maxx to buy a bathing suit. I was all prepared for it to be a terrible experience, because it’s bathing suit shopping after all. Nothing cheery about that. I wanted a specific sort of suit, something low or cut in the back to show my tattoo, I wanted a two piece, but not with bikini bottoms, I wanted little shorts. My mom found one but it was a size 10, and I mean it looked pretty freaking dinky for a size 10. But she made me try it on anyways. I did. And I loved it. I actually fit in it, and I looked decent. I was absolutely shocked! Sure not every part of me is perfectly toned, but I could pull it off, and that’s saying a whole lot!

So, that reinspired me. I hung my bathing suit on the refrigerator door, wrote a goal wait of 169 on my arm in black sharpie and “5k” on my other arm. I really need to stick with it this time and get these last forty pounds off. Help me bloggie buddies!

I really, REALLY need to start figuring out how to tone up my butt and the backs of my thighs, because they’re looking so miserable. I’ve lost 60lbs and I swear to you, NONE of it came off my ass or thighs. Any ideas for a good routine to work them out?

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Before and After Pictures!


…and *drum roll*


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Final Update: Almost finished

A couple of weeks, $1200, and gazillions of garbage bags later, my room is ALMOST complete. I have one more bookshelf and a dresser to finish putting together. I’m veryyyyyyyy excited about revealing my new room to you girlies! All I can say right now is that I am absolutely in love with it, and I can hardly believe it’s even my room! So, stay tuned for the pics! =P They might even be up by tonight!

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More updates: The renovations

Well girlies, the hard part is all over with. The room has been flushed, emptied to the last speck of dust. I finished painting the second coat yesterday morning and it looks just grogeous. I swear, I love it more every day. And this was some damn good quality paint. Valspar from Lowe’s– has the primer already in it. Beautiful junk, I say. After that I tore up my nasty cat-piss carpetting and as many nails as I could (to protect the future security of my feet).

The next hard part was kissing my precious money goodbye. I have picked out each bit of furniture and it has been ordered, if not picked up, save the god. Dang. Dresser. Seriously. I cannot win with these dressers. They either have bad reviews, they’re too expensive, they’re too big, too short, have the wrong finish, are white, etc, etc. I wanted to wait till after we went to IKEA to declare my situation desperate. But it’s official. I’m dresser desperate. There are two that I like from a local warehouse, but they make each piece individually and shipping will take a month. A month is a long damn time to go without one of the most important pieces of furniture. I think I have to sacrifice, they’re the only two even remotely close to what I want and need.

Anyways, on to the good things. The family and I had a wonderful trip to IKEA. We don’t have one real close, the one in Canton is about 45 minutes away from us, so it was a one-stop sort of deal.  I got a couple mirrors (I really love mirrors), some storage bins that go ON THE WALL (so excited) and a lamp shade. Unfortunately, the lamp shade is proving troublesome. It’s meant for hanging fixtures, and my light fixture does not hang… so I have this feeling it might turn out a tad ghetto. We’ll see tomorrow when Craftsman Grandpa comes and inspects. I also picked out my bed from IKEA, but we could only get the mattress and cover because the bedframe wouldn’t fit in my grandma’s Edge. So I have to wait till Monday for that. But that’s good because I need the time to find a damn rug. Do you know how flippin hard it is to find a decent black and white rug? It’s damn near impossible.

But anyways, that’s where I stand right now! I’m hoping stuff starts getting delivered soon so I have something to do. And hopefully by Monday night I will be able to sleep in my own bedroom again!!!

And sorry Didi, no pics until my desk is here and put back together. Getting on the internet is a real pain let alone uploading stuff onto the computer. It’s currently on the hardwood floor and I’m sitting on a really uncomfortable pillow, so I’m actually going to end this here and go walk off the cramps and numbness.

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Update: The Overhaul

Checking in! I’ve started the renovation of my bedroom. I spent the last few days clearing everything out of my room, tossing things I didn’t want or didn’t need, and prepared a pretty good pile of garage sale junk. So hopefully I’ll make a bit of money back.

After the “purge” I got some color swatches from Lowe’s. Picking out the paint was tricky. I went through four samples of paint before I found one that I absolutely love. I started paiting last night and I’m getting ready to do the second coat now. It’s a dark musty purple, really pretty ^^ I also got this gorgeous Asian screen from Hobby Lobby (my new favorite place ever) and also I’ve ordered a really pretty mirror and a nightstand from Amazon. My desk has also been ordered, and I did get it from WalMart, but what can you do? I needed something that would be small and have lots of shelving, so if it’s cheaply made I’ll just have my grandpa take a look at it and see if he can’t reinforce the questionable parts.

All in all, I’m spending way more money than what I should, or even have. So, I hope this is totally worth it.

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