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Summer Day 001

Thanks to goodnuff I have a topic for today’s journal! ^_^ It’s still going to be a hard copy and not online, but if I have something specific to do, I will definitely put it on my blog as well. So anyhoodles, she brought up the topic of a live action movie made from my book, and I thought it was super cute! I’m not real big on the idea of my work being made into movies, I would probably never allow it because I am really finicky about things, and casting would be all wrong, I know it XD I usually don’t feel like their are actors that fit the images of the people in my head. And frankly when I imagine them, they’re more like animes, not like live action (that’s why the commissions come so close to the original, because they’re drawings!)

ANYWAYS!!!! But in the event that 2011 was ever made into a movie, these are my choices of actors! And it’s pretty inaccurate because their ages would be wayyyyyy off lol, and the personality of the actors doesn’t fit the characters 90% of the time XD but you know, whatev, whatev lol. They’d really have to change their hair in a lot of cases, too. Oh, and I picked Jared because seriously… you just can’t have a movie without him. (But omg goodnuff, Zooey Deschanel was REALLY close!!! I almost went with her!)

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Summer Break, you’re so beautiful!

It’s here! It’s finally here! No more eye-gouging, gas-burning, sleep-deprived trips to Detroit for three full months! Oh my GOSH! Believe me, it hasn’t settled in yet. This summer vaca is going to be so amazing that I am not even fully aware that it is actually here. That’s how beastly it is! I’m already having tons of fun and I napped for half the day XD

Thanks for the votes on Sebby, I appreciate it! That stupid lizard is still in the lead, I think. But hey >.> we can certainly freakin try. No one is going to tell me that my hedgepig is less cute than an ugly fricken lizard. GAH.

Okay, so other things. I’m thinking about making a scrapbook type journal of my summer, something to sort of keep track of my changes over the summer, physically, emotionally, just in general. I’d like to keep tabs on my overall progress. It would have pictures sometimes, maybe doodles (if I get good at that drawing ^_~) and other little things. It wouldn’t be for anything in particular, but like a keepsake for myself. What do you girls think? If I start it, I really want to follow through and make sure I add something every single day. I’m wondering how the best way to go about it would be. Maybe I’ll just get some regular computer paper and give it a go, and I’ll just buy one of those spiral binders and decorate it. And if you don’t think the idea is too cheesy, I certainly encourage you to try this challenge with me! (Especially little Pepa out there who is officially my summer vacation buddy =P!!)

Everything starts bright and early tomorrow, I’m so excited girlies, I really am! And to leave off on a great note, here’s one of the new commissions, finally finished! My little Tae:


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One more day…

And I’m free as a bird!

I found out some purdy good news today. Well, one, I got a B on my hella term paper. That thing was a beast to write, and the fact that I scored a B, psh, nothin short of a miracle. I’m happy with it. But ASIDE from that, I got an email today from the fin aid department, and apparently they offer a completely separate Pell Grant for spring and summer semester. Never knew that! It’s too late for this spring/summer but, for 2012 I will be able to take four straight semesters. Not as glamorous as it sounds, but by next winter I will be desperate for my bachelor’s, and I’m bout damn ready to get that part over with.

Anyhow, so this summer IS going to be epic. I’m still fully determined to hit the ground running Saturday. Literally. I’m going to be participating in Jelbelle’s Three Month Summer Fiasco! I’ll lose a billion pounds!!! Yes. Actually, my goal for this summer is to be happy =) to try new things. I want to learn how to draw. I really do. I mean, I’ve never actually tried to learn before, so how do I know that I suck at it? I mean I know where my artistic talents lay, believe me. My writing is it, it’s the big one. The god given talent or whatever. Everything else I learn from here on out is purely acquired skill, but you know, I’m totally okay with having a little extra “skill” to go with my “talent” ^_~

Not only that, but I haven’t run in a while. I want to get outside and move. I want to feel the absolute bliss of having NOTHING hanging over my head. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way. Believe it or not, I actually started my weight loss journey during fall semester. So, this is the very first time in my life that I have been healthy and had (more or less) an endless supply of free time. I’m going to make the promise to myself here and now, one I fully intend to keep, and that is by the end of he summer, I am going to be a totally new person. So new, I won’t even recognize myself. And honestly, cannot wait for it!

Wish me luck on my last exam tomorrow, I really need it! And before I go, if any of you gals have a facebook, and would be ever so kind as to help me out: I entered Sebby in a photo contest! The winner gets $50 store credit. I’d love to win it, so if you have a page, all you have to do is follow the link below, like the Even Keel Exotics page, and then go to Sebby’s picture and vote for him! He is the hedgie in the pink grass =3! He’ll love you forever if you vote for him! <3

Sebby’s Photo, vote for him pwease!

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Happy Belated Easter!

I hope you ladies had a good Easter! I know Sebby and I did :3 Ain’t he adorable? He needs to win me the Easter photo contest and get me $50 store credit. Damn straight.

Anyhoodles, I’m in much better spirits because even though the next four days are gonna suck, it won’t matter, because they are The. Last. Four. Days. I finally made it to the last week, and I am sooooo ready for it to be over. I cannot wait. As soon as summer hits, I’m hitting the ground running. My diet is going to be crazy, my exercise is going to be nonstop, Good morning Starshine, the earth says Helloooo!

Ah, goodness. So yeah, I’m staying as positive as I can. I’m also feeling my creative juices starting to fill up again (watch out goodnuff, I can feel another writing explosion comin’ on, I’m just hoping it’s a 2011 explosion, and not the one million stories I have lined up for after it…) Oh, and on the subject of my book, I have two artists currently commissioned that I’m still waiting on. But let me tell you about this last one, this chick is CRAZY. Okay, no, like mentally crazy, she must be. She does wonderful, beaaaaaaautiful work, right? She’s charging THREE BUCKS for a full body pencil sketch. And with her quality, holy shit, that’s a fucking STEAL. I mean, I feel like I am seriously robbing her right now. She could get away with charging upwards of $20-$25 a pop for those babies, and here she is charging threeeeeeeeeeeeeee. THREE. You bet your flippin asses I commissed her for a million pictures, and I’m keepin her number in my pocket. I have her drawing full-body sketches of Ridley, Tae, and Nero– ALL separate. This would usually cost me $60 freakin bucks. How insane is that? Bargain right thur.

Oh! And in other exiting news! My Ciel Phantomhive cosplay arrived! I showed you guys the pic of it a while ago, when I was ordering it. I’ll try to get a pic of me wearing it up soon. It is worth every penny. The costume is absolutely gorgeous, and great quality. I’m honestly shocked. It feels like a $300 costume, but I got it for $170, custom measurments. I don’t regret it one bit. Colassal Con is going to be freakin stellar!

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Can you handle all the bitching?

Hmm. Hmm. Wow.

Where to begin? Well, let’s start with that good old Italian professor. If that guy tripped down a flight of stairs, I honestly would not give a shit. I don’t know what all I’ve been saying these past few blogs, so to recap: Oral exam. 10% of grade. Need partner. My effing partner dropped the class, so the teacher fricken slams me in another group with a girl “N” and a boy “D”. THEN, he changes the date from Thurs the 21st, to Tues the 19th, only 5 days before we’re to do the exam. Cool. And by the way, I don’t know how to speak Italian, and also, I live an hour away from school, I don’t exactly have the fucking gas to be driving up to Detroit every day to work on a damn project, especially with that car I don’t own.

So, I had a super fucking busy weekend last weekend (go figure). On Fri night I sent an email to “N” telling her what I was doing for the project, and asking her to send a email to “D” and tell him what they both needed to do to finish up. Okay. No one emails me back till Sunday. Sun morning I get a txt from “D” telling me he’s fucking dropping out of the damn group. COOL. So I send another email to “N”. No response. But I told her I would be to class early on Tues, around 1:30ish.

So Tuesday goddamn comes. I have an appt with fin aid at 1:15. That goes fine. I call my mom. While on the phone with my mom I get a call from “N”. I hang up with my mom and see “N” sent me a txt asking me where I was. What’s the time? 1:36. HOLD YOU FUCKING HORSES I’M FUCKING COMING DAMN. So I walk up to the Italian room. “N” is standing outside the door, on her phone, TALKING ABOUT ME. She turns, sees me and goes “Oh she’s here” and quickly hangs up. Cool. So I begin to talk to “N” about my concerns about the project. “N” begins to talk about what happened on the last episode of “What would you do?” then asks me if I’ve ever watched it.

What does this have to do with the oral exam that we’re not prepared for and have to do in an hour? “N” continues to talk about everything that isn’t the project. She pulls out her laptop and fucking youtubes “What would you do” AND STARTS WATCHING IT IN THE CLASSROOM WHILE I AM WORKING ON THE FUCKING PROJECT.

I’m wishing I had a gun.

She keeps asking me questions. Completely irrelevant questions, and telling me stories about Muslims and her church and stupid shit. So I finish OUR project, and we can practice a little. Omg. And I had a bag of fucking cookies with me, and this freaking girl, who I don’t even know, and certainly do not like is all “Jade, can I have a cookie?” I just stared at her. Seriously. NO YOU CAN’T FUCKING HAVE A COOKIE. You can buy your own damn cookies!!!!!!!!!! WHO JUST ASKS FOR COOKIES FROM PEOPlE THEY HAVE NEVER TALKED TO BEFORE?! God. Fricken. Dang. It.

4:20 rolls around and we have to do our exam. I’m nervous. We memorized our lines in the last five mins (we’re not supposed to memorize, but like I said, I can’t speak Italian). So he asks us to perform the dialogue. Go figure. Halfway through “N” forgets her lines, and so the prof just starts questioning us, in Italian, saying all these words and crap that we never. fucking. studied. I had NO idea even remotely what he was saying. I mean, it would have rang a bell if he’d said something from the book, but no, he’s just rambling on and I’m staring at him, and he’s getting irritated, and I really just DO NOT KNOW what he is saying. So he fucking scribbles some shit down on his notepad and he goes “I guess you should have studied a bit more.”


Ohhhhhhhhh ho ho.

Oh no.

I almost lunged across the table and throttled him. I would have slammed his big stupid head against the corner of the desk. That fucker.

Studied more? Not only did I not know my group till last Thursday, but then you cut two days off of my study time, and you are NOT the only thing I have going on in my life. And I. Studied. My. Fucking. Ass. OFF. I was as prepared as I fucking could have been given the circumstances. That son of a bitch. “Should have studied more?” Suck. My.

Never again.

So what else is wrong in my life?

Gee. I went to schedule my fall classes. Go figure. They all overlap. Oh and get this, I can only take three because the fourth starts ten minutes before the first one ends. So now I just have a huge two hour gap in my schedule. AND my first class starts at 11:45. I promised myself I wouldn’t do this waking up early shit again. (I have to get up two hours early because I live so far away). And my last class gets out at 6. And I’m just not thrilled about the classes either. I was scheduled for the second half of Italian, and everything worked out perfectly, but a couple days ago I got an email saying they randomly changed the time of that section, and it overlapped my first our, so I had to fucking drop it.

I have been so pissed, and so stressed. Everything is just getting to me, and the “freedom” portion isn’t settling in yet. I think I’m too far gone to feel relieved. I can’t write. I don’t want to do anything but sit here. I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow and I really just don’t want to deal with my friends. I’m not in the mood. I just don’t want to leave my house. I haven’t gotten a single break day in like three weeks, I’m mentally and physically exhausted.

My grandma was in the hospital all last week, and they waffled about what’s wrong with her. They told us she had congestive heart failure, so for about three days we had that hanging over our head, but then they retracted the diagnosis and told us it was pneumonia. So, Sunday we’ll have Easter over there. And I’m not even sure my mom is going, and if she doesn’t, ohhh, that will just open a whole new can of worms and I’m just not ready to deal with it.

Speaking of Easter. Did you girls ever get presents on Easter? Like cold hard, huge ass, Christmas worthy presents? I never did. I mean when I REALLY little, but once I hit like eight that stopped. I get candy, sometimes a little bit of money. That’s it. And I’m sorry, but I believe that’s how it should be. But noooo. Mykul text me today saying his family did their Easter today. And he proceeded to tell me all of the SHIT he’s got so far: a new pair of shoes, two sweatshirts, money, a video game. Hmmm…. Easter Bunny, I didn’t know you were Santa, too. Oh yeah, and that fucking video game? I told him I’ve wanted it for like two years, I’ve been asking for it for Christmas but haven’t gotten it. He didn’t even know what the fuck it was till I told him, and all of the sudden he gets it for Easter? EASTER? Fuck. What the fuck ever.

Okay, so, I had to do something to save my sanity right? And the only way I know how is by blowing tons of money which I later regret. But seriously, this is the one good thing that has happened to me like, all month. And I can’t regret him:

This is my 7-week-old spiked foliage wanderer, Sabellus Beowulf Wakame Michaelis. I call him Sebby for short. He’s a hedgehog, and I love him. He makes me happy.

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