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Mardi Gras Mad Rush Kick-Off!

And we’re off!

It’s Friday, and that means the Mardi Gras Mad Rush has officially started! Bloggers have until tomorrow to sign up for the challenge, so if you want to get involved, let me know a.s.a.p.!

To all my girlies competing, I first want to say good luck, and have fun! Especially goodnuff, who will be having surgery during our challenge, and who I refuse to let back out! Even if you’re not in it to win it, be in it to keep yourself accountable!

I will probably be posting a lot of updates about the challenge as we all get settled and learn how this is going to work. I’ve created a separate category for my posts, so if you ever need to refer back to a post or figure out how to do something, check there!

How this challenge is going to work:
At the end of the day or day(s) please post the completed tasks on the specified daily posts (i.e. Friday Results, Sat Results and so on). I’ve decided that this will be the most organized, and easiest way to keep track, because I do not want to miss anybody! IMPORTANT: If you go three days without posting an update on completed tasks I will have to drop you from the challenge. So please check in, so we can prevent this from happening.

If you have any questions, please ask!

One more thing, on this post, please give me your starting weight. I’d like to have them all by Saturday morning by the latest, please and thank you ^_^

It’s a mad, mad rush!!

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Last Chance Sign-ups

This is just a quick reminder for all my bloggie buddies: the last day to sign up for the Mardi Gras challenge is this Saturday (Feb 19th). Please see my Mardi Gras challenge page for all the details! If you wish to join the challenge, please sign up now, because I will not be accepting anyone else after Saturday NO EXCEPTIONS! no matter how much I love you :(

For all of the challengers who have already signed on, the challenge will began Friday, 12am sharp! ^_^ So get your game faces on, because it’s going to be a mad, mad rush! Keep checking back to the challenge page because big changes will be coming. Hopefully I will have everything rearranged and ready to go by Thursday night, but Friday afternoon at the very latest. Be ready on Friday to post your official starting weight, so that I may keep track. And remember, this challenge is all about accountability. Get your notebooks, get your minds in order, because I will need to know all the activities you have completed!

Other than that, just HAVE FUN! This challenge is to get everyone back on track, and to liven up the end of the season! Let’s go into March strong!


My last request is that you all allow me one more promotion: Tell your friends and spread the word so that everyone can enjoy in the challenge and have fun! Thanks and can’t wait to get started!

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There’s a what in her basement?

So, Friday night I started to hear weird creepy noises coming from my basement. I’ve lived in this house long enough to know what sounds it makes. It sounded a lot like when my cats are screwing around in the rafters or whatever. Well, ever since the basement flooded -.- I haven’t let the cats go down in the basement. And anyways, I was staring right at them sleeping perfectly fine while the noises continued. I deduced that most likely it was a crazed mass murderer. The crazed mass murderer was there all weekend, and then on Sunday night I had to do laundry.

I was still very sure that it was, in fact,  murderer, so I grabbed a knife, and called my mom on the phone and bravely ventured into the basement. I saw nothing! I inspected a little bit (just a little bit) but there weren’t any Mike Meyers chillin, so I guessed it was safe. I started my laundry and saw this weird brown splotch on the dryer. I wasn’t fer sure, but I was pretty certain it hadn’t been there last time I did laundry. But I didn’t think much of it. Later that night I went back to get my clothes out of the dryer, I got to the bottom stair when I saw it. It was this little brownish black thing, sitting on the old sump pump parts. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, all I could think was, “That hasn’t been there before… I’m pretty positive that was never there before”. And then it started to move. It turned it’s creepy little head, and I wasn’t about to wait for it to look at me. I ran back upstairs screaming and called my mom back.

There was an owl in my basement.

She called the animal control emergency hotline and they were shocked to hear there was an owl in my basement. A real owl! He asked if it hooted. It did not. Well, anyways, animal control doesn’t actually care if you have an emergency. They said someone would be out in the morning to get the owl. We weren’t allowed to hurt it because owls are protected by federal law. So, I spent one more sleepless night in my house, the light on, freaking out about the owl.

Come morning, no animal control people were there. At this point Mykul and I had christened the owl DS (dipshit) and I talked to him throughout the day, telling him to wake up and get out, things of this nature. I really needed my clothes out of the dryer, what with it being Valentine’s Day and me having a hot date, but DS was hoarding them down there. I asked my grandpa to come down and get them out of the dryer but of course, he has to go flouncing in and mess up everything. We actually got someone from animal control to answer our SOS. Dave the Owl Guy was coming at seven. But there went my grandpa, investigating. And like an idiot, I went down with him.

I did manage to save my clothes, but I kind of wanted to see (but not really see) the owl. We looked for ten minutes but couldn’t find it. However, he did confirm that the brown splotch was owl poop -_- We’d almost given up our search when suddenly… IT SWOOPED RIGHT AT MY FACE! Again I went screaming upstairs, and a couple minutes later my grandpa came up with DS. And DS was very much dead.

That was my weekend.

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Why wordpress, why?

So I’m sorta in a poor mood today because my blog is apparently self-destructive. Logged on to update my exercise log only to find it had more or less deleted itself. Don’t even know how that happened. Yesterday when I updated it, it was perfectly fine. But today when I went, the menu was all over in my text box, and it erased all my history of my September-January workout days. =( I’m so sad about it. And since I don’t have any record of my February log, I decided not even to bother starting over. Maybe I’ll be more about it tomorrow. >.< I hope it doesn’t do this with any other page. I can’t afford to lose that stuff.

Oh, and my weigh in was 182.6 today. I’m actually really disappointed about it. Wednesday I weighed 181.6, so I’ve actually managed to gain a pound somehow. It really bothers me. And of course, the YMCA was closed Sat & Sun. ALSO aggravating.

I guess this is what happens when I spend an entire day doing work.

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dAmn obsessed

I really confuse myself. I’ve been a member of deviantArt for two years and never never ever in that time did I take advantage of all the nifty stuff they had on it. I didn’t even bother to look! I just wrote it off as a visual artist-only type of thing, figuring there musn’t be a lot for us litties. But au contraire! I am now deeply impassioned by the dA scene. I have been sitting around on it all damn night, joining groups, reading lit pieces, prettying up my set so that people will like me more. My oh my…

For those of you who still haven’t checked out my dA, I don’t hate you for it =D but it’s never too late! The link is still on my page over yonder –> You will have to get an account, however, in order to read my material. There’s nothing I can do about that =( sorry! As of last night the fourth chapter of 2011 has been posted. Each chapter is about 7 computer pages (4000 words) long. ^_^ always looking for new readers and critiques. And remember to “watch” me on dA if you get an account!

Oh yeah, and JOIN MY MARDI GRAS CHALLENGE! Pretty pwease =3

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