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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas bloggie buddies! Hope you ALL have a great holiday weekend! Lots of pressies, and avoid those food comas (I didn’t!) but learn from my mistkaes!

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Baby, you’re a firework

Where’s Jelbelle? It’s like Where’s Waldo only my 195 fluctuating pounds of oozing lard are much more conspicuous. But really, where have I been? Mostly right here, on my ass, in front of the computer. Ironic, ne? Sounds like deja vu. I can chock it up to whatever I want, but really I’m just lazy. I renewed my World of Warcraft subscription on the 7th so that I could play the new cata additions. I haven’t really looked back from the decision, because I’ve spent more time with my husband than I have in a long time (sad, yes). But we’ve been having a lot of fun, and he still encourages me to go to the YMCA every day.

We had Bomia family Christmas last weekend, and we exchanged gifts. Him: Tickets to the Nightmare After Christmas tour on Feb 5th (so moeffing excited). Me: Cataclysm (the WoW expansion ((at least I didn’t have to buy it myself))). But really, him getting the tickets was as fun as I thought it would be! We recorded it <3 Really, it was like the best five minutes of my year. I have to admit, there is no better feeling to me than giving a gift and knowing that they love it. (I tried to link the video, but apparently you guys can’t see it because of my moms facebook privacy settings).

As of today my semester is officially over. Final exams went as expected, but I’m really just praying that I get a passing grade in linguistics. Because I am going to school completely on grants, I don’t know what happens if I fail a course, and I don’t want to have to pay the money back. So wish me luck! Final grades so far are an A in Eng to 1700, and a B+ in Play Writing (which I’m pretty upset about).

Finally, weight loss news. I’m floundering, not doing so hot. Since challenges aren’t freaking doing it for me, I need to make a pledge to have at least a solid three days. Really? Three days is all I ask for. You know, I used to be so good at this, but December is screwing me over. I know I’m screwing myself over, but I’m going to blame it on the month, and everything else. Okay. So, I pledge to workout hardcore and stay on plan for the next three days. I need to get out of the effing 90s. I’m sick of seeing it squished under my feet. And really, 8s are much prettier, don’t you think?

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195.6 = personal sabotage

Detox: Day 7

I’m actually not sure that this deserves to be considered a part of my detox, because I jacked up like…enormously. I was so hoping to score a big number too, but ehh whatever. I guess it depends on when the gain will show up. If it shows up. Pizza is my weakness! What can I say D:

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Detox: Day 6

Okay, so my TOM came a week and a half early. I could deal with a couple days but… I was not expecting this. I was having such a good week, and I’m scared it’s going to wreck me like it did in November. So I’ve decided I’m going to weigh myself daily during, just to see exactly how I fluctuate, and to try not to get disheartened. And well, that is totally working. Hopped on the scale this morning and weighed in at 196.2. Oh my new Cata holy bovine healers. That’s 2.8lbs in four days! Wow D: Still three days till official weigh-in, and I mean, it’s only Friday, I could still do some serious damage by Sunday. I am SOOOO not disheartened! I’m beating the odds, and I like it.
(Must be that pretty detox ^_~ I heart you detox)

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Hot tub murder

Detox: Day 3

All is well– except that I was almost KILLED BY A HOT TUB. It’s true. The YMCA must have done something different, because when other mother and I tried to go into the hot tub today, we were practically suffocated by chlorine fumes! Ugh, it was the worst! I’m really, really bad about chlorine. I’m allergic, and I mean, ANYONE would have been dying in that crap today. All the women were complaining and coughing, it was so bad! They could have at least put up a sign or something saying they’d just treated the water. I mean, yeah, it’s nice to know it’s clean, but hell, I literally passed out in the shower. This all could have been very much avoided.

Good news! Today was the first time I got to take my HRM to the Y =D omg, soooo cool. For one, I tried out the row machine (that thing is really effing fun!) and I did it for 20 minutes, then I did the elliptical for 30, and the elliptical machine can pick up the signal from my HRM and it reads my HR right on the screen so I don’t have to keep looking at my wrist! So that was cool. I had water class too, but even though my HRM says it is water resistant, I’m hesitant about taking it into the pool. Better safe than sorry. So I only measured the row machine and the ell., and my HRM diary says that I burned 500 calories!!!!! THAT’S CRAZY! I mean, and that’s not even a hard day for me! I usually do way more. I’m excited about this.

I think I’ll need some willpower dust to stick to my detox tonight, though. I’m so hungry I could eat a zoo.

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