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Week 1: Day 2: Foundation

I really feel kind of blah today. It’s not like miserable, it feels like I’m waiting for things to get back to normal, or at least a tad better. I made a good friend of mine upset, and she hasn’t spoken to me all weekend… don’t really know what that’s all about, but I sort of wish she would just get over it. Everything was going fine till this one disagreement, but apparently she’s taking it a lot harder than me.


So, other than that. I was a little iffy about exercising today, I didn’t want my body to get even angrier at me, I had some pretty bad cramps yesterday afternoon. I’m not looking forward to this week because if I start cramping again during school I’m going to be screwed. I mean, my schedule isn’t demanding right now, I could afford to miss a bit of class if I needed to step out, but I’d just rather not.

I did spend a little time with the hubby today, which was cool. I’m hoping things look up for us, I think I made my “drifting fears” known last night after he said he couldn’t come to my grandma’s dinner party because he’s going to homecoming with that girl. The only reason he’s going is because of her so I can’t say I’m happy about the cancellation.

I’m feeling kind of drained, not physically, just like I want to chill and just be mellow. I’m thinking about getting through my homework and maybe working on E a little since I had some thoughts about it last night. Hopefully getting back to my writing roots will get my mind off my yucky day. At least my diet has been impeccably clean today.


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