The Support is there, I just need to see it and use it

I have all the support in the world in this life style change that I’ve taken on, but it’s up to me to use the support that is being given to me.  I’m greatly appreciative of all the support that has been given to me and I don’t want to push anyone away. I know these are people who care about me.  If they are wiling to take time out of their day to send me a little note or just come talk to me, I know they truly care.

This really hit me today, lately I have been feeling like I’ve been struggling, it’s my own fault.  Not just struggling with my weigh lost, but with other things in my life in general.  I’ve been playing a balancing game lately and I need to figure out what is most important and zone in on that.  I’m a very positive person when dealing with others, I need to use this positive feeling and outlook for myself.

I’ve been getting my boot camp sessions in but I’m lacking in the cardio.  I’ve been eating okay, not 100% the best and it’s my own fault because I’m taking the lazy route.  Yesterday my co-worker, who eats a lot of sweets and it usually the supplier in the office, told me she had her eye on me.  She already goes the distance and doesn’t offer me any sweets and is now going the extra distance and making sure others in the office don’t offer me any.  She wants to remove the temptation for me.  I’m thankful for this, I have a sweet tooth so she is being a huge help.  She is making sure I don’t even have to say no.

Another person who has been a huge help is my friend Leah.  She is like my little angel on my shoulder, watching me and offering help when needed but never being pushy.   She is the person who introduced me to boot camp, she can see when I’m struggling and offers words of wisdom and will send me emails asking me if I’m joining her for the gym.  Today was the perfect example, we had been talking the night before about going to the gym and I told her that as long as nothing came up, I will be going to SPIN with her.  Today was a long day and I most definitely lost track of time.  Her knowing me very well, shot me an email at 4:25 asking me if I was coming, I looked at my desk, realized I’m not going to lose the weigh by sitting there, so I packed up my desk, emailed her I was coming and ran out of the office. I made it to Spin and had a great workout.

My boot camp trainer is also another great supporter, he will offer the support to those who need it but also who want it.  He watches us and asked each person how he or she is doing.  When he weights me in, if he sees I’m not happy with the numbers, the first thing he asks is what is going on and how he can help.   He wants to see me succeed.

I have other people who are supportive but these are the ones who stick out the most for me right now.I’m going to use this support and positive outlook to move forward this week.  I need to pick up my game and win this balancing game.  I can’t wait for “the moment” to hit when I see the success will happen, I have to make it happen.

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