The Week of All Weeks

Last week’s post was late, so I make sure this week I’m on time.

Last Friday’s boot camp was hard core but the perfect way to start the weekend.  20-20-20 x 10 was the routine, we had five stations and at each station there were 3 exercises. We did each exercise for 20 seconds, all three back to back, then rest and onto the next station.  We did all five stations twice. Exhausted and sweat rolling down my face, I looked forward to the next session, oh wait, I forgot to mention, it was saturday AM (the following day).

Since my boot camp trainer had to shift the days around, he offered a make up Saturday class has an extra treat.  Saturday morning’s class was equally hard but was exactly what I needed to start my weekend. On my way home I ran some errands and got a few things done but crashed around lunch time.

I had made a to-do list on Friday of things I wanted to get done since I knew this up coming week was going to be a hectic week. I need to stop making these lists, I never get everything done that I need to get done, right now it just serves as a reminder for me.

This week is the final week of school and my schedule will be changing.  This week is full of final assignments and final presentations.  I’m usually not stressed about this stuff since I’ve done all the work that needs to be completed to have success on this last week.  Well, I’m not ball of stress but I’m definitely feeling uneasy about my Wednesday class.  Since I have to rely on 4 other people for this presentation to be successful and I’m only confident in 2 of them, you can image the uneasiness I’m feeling.

I woke up this morning with a bad migraine which was making me sick and causing me to lose my balance.  I took today off so I could give my body a break.  My goal for the week, go through the steps that I need to take and keep my stress at bay, of course, this being the week of my period won’t make it easy.  Lot of water and prepared lunches and snacks will make it easier.

I’m also gearing up for the Harry Spring Run Off which is this weekend.

I’m posting this blog on Monday since I wasn’t in work today and I don’t know what I’m walking into tomorrow and I don’t want to not have an update.  I’m aiming to update mid week before going into the well deserved long week.

Good luck to everyone on this shorten week.

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