The Execution is Only as Good As the Plan

I started night school last week which now means that on two days a week I have to bring something for dinner, I basically have to plan my day from beginning to end.  I learnt very fast, I can plan plan and plan but I have to stick with the execution of the plan.  There was a couple times that I didn’t want to have what I brought but I knew I had to stick with it.

I know I could have gone the route of frozen meals but I didn’t want to, so I’m making sure I make something a head of schedule.  When I came home last Monday, I made my lunch and dinner for the following day and made my salad for the next day after that.  I didn’t want to give myself the opportunity to be lazy when I got home not make my lunch for the following day.

I did my grocery shopping on the weekend and I didn’t do a very good job.  I got everything I needed but didn’t take in account the extra stuff I would need for my mini dinners for night school.  I will see what I can use to get by, but I will try to stop into the store.

Monday night was weigh-in night at boot camp (we do it every 4 weeks), I’ve lost 8lb since day 1 of the boot camp and inches all over. (Confirmation from my trainer, 7 inches lost).  But the biggest change was that he noticed that I looked happier, a huge smile on my face.

Today is my official weight in and I’m at 243lb, I’m just under 1lb away from my first 10lbs.  I can feel it dripping away.  By the end of the week, I will be 242 (which might cause for a celebratory post).

My firm was suppose to be taking part in the Harry Spring Run Off in April but due to the date, half of my team can no longer take part.  I am in the  process of looking for another team run. Once that run has been decided, I will be  able to decide if I’m taking part in the Harry Spring Run Off and Sporting Life 10k on my own.

I finally got around to my baking adventure this past weekend.  I decided to keep it simple and make muffins from the Weight Watcher Cookbook, well I’m idiot and didn’t pay attention and bought an incorrect ingredient so my muffins didn’t taste so good.  I will try again this weekend and once I have success, I will share the recipe.

Wish me luck…I hope to post sooner then I have to report the first official 10.

P.S. For anyone who would like info for the Fit 1 Boot Camp I’m enrolled in and live in the Toronto area, I have linked the website to this one on the Blogroll.

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  1. susana on January 24th, 2012

    You are so right about execution! The same happens to me when I get back home at… 10.30 in the evening after work! I just want to have some cheese, some bread, and a sweet! But no, we need to plan ahead if we want to me healthy, so let’s do it and stick to the plan!

  2. Jessica on January 24th, 2012

    @susana One of the big things I’ve done is have ready made stuff in my fridge b/c there are times that I know I need to have something, so it’s easy to reach for the easy stuff. I made the good things in my fridge easy access to deter me from reaching for the bad stuff

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