Small Changes, Little Hurdles

Last week was a good productive week, I checked things off my list and felt better each day.  I’ve been tracking my food intake and I’m staying within my calorie range, I’ve also increased my water intake and can feel my body changing and feeling better.  I know it’s all in the mind but mind over matter, if I feel good, I’m going to continue to be good.

The biggest thing I’ve cut out of my diet is pop, I love diet coke and I’ve cut it out considerable. I no longer bring pop into my apartment and I no longer buy one to go with my lunch.  The only pop I’ve had since Jan 1 has been on three occasions, a glass or two on news years day when I was at my mom’s for dinner, on Saturday night when I went out for dinner with my friend and then on Sunday, I really wanted a glass, so I went to the store and bough a can. I decided that If I was going to allow myself to have it, I was only going to allow myself to have the one drink and that was it.  I was completely fine with my decision, the one can hit the spot and I didn’t need another after that.

A red light food for me has been Peanut Butter, I can eat it like there is no tomorrow, so I typically don’t buy it. But I was having a craving on the weekend, so I purchased a small jar.  I kept in mind that I couldn’t eat it like I normally would, that I was only allowed a little at a time.  With keeping that in mind, I stayed away from the jar, I had some on my toast Monday morning and I was a happy camper.

My boot camp trainer held an extra class on Saturday at 7am.  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t want to go, 7am was way too early. I told everyone that “if” i woke up, I would come to the class. My friend LC, who happened to be there to talk to the trainer said it wasn’t about if I woke up, it was setting my alarm and telling myself that I was coming.  So I went home and set my alarm and went to the 7am boot camp.

I was very glad that I went to the Saturday morning class, it got my butt in gear  for the day and I got a few things completed that I had been putting off for while.  This can do attitude continued into Sunday.  I had a very relaxing weekend and I feel that I’m keeping with my new years goal of this new attitude and life style change.

At Monday night boot camp, our trainer weights us, just so everyone can get a feel of where they are.  Now I jumped on the scale and I was at the same weight I was last week.  After everyone was done being weighted, the trainer pulled me into the office to chat.  He wanted to know what was going on. I told him that I knew why I was at the same weight, my period started today, so it’s all water retention.  It feels like an excuse but it’s not, it’s a fact of my body that I have been always been aware of.

I always weight myself in the morning, it’s the one time of day that I’m at my natural weight and my water retention should be at its lowest.  This morning I was at 246.8, that’s a 1.4lb loss since last week, I’m happy with that. 

Now, I’ve decided that my January activity will be something I decided back in December to do, it’s hard to find an activity to do in the same month.  I’m volunteering for the Garrison Ball at the end of January, so that will be my activity.  I usually don’t get involved in this big events, its an 800+ person event but it will assist me in my future employment goals.  I can now look for February, I have an idea but I want to see if I can find it first. I also haven’t decided which recipe I’m going to try to attempt for January either, but I still have three weeks to decide and try that.

I’m now building my work team for the Harry Spring Run Off, come this April I’ll aming to be lighter then I was last April (232lb) and I’m aiming to shave at least 10mins off my time (last year I completed the run/walk in 1:19:00).  Time to get my butt in gear.

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  1. janeemosher on January 10th, 2012

    c’mon jess, i KNOW you can do this… good choices on the soda and peanut butter. another choice with the peanut butter - buy the small, single serve pkgs and keep the ones you aren’t using in your trunk :) it would involve going out to the car and getting one pkg to eat…. i don’t have your will power, i couldn’t keep my red light food in the house. it would call to me from the kitchen..LOL. you and i started out around the same weight - we SO can do this! 2012 is YOUR year to shine! congrats on setting the alarm and getting up and DOING it! add ONE good choice per week and drop ONE bad choice and that will make it all the better! you’ve already dropped the soda in lieu of water, what is next? keep going.. the goal is JUST around the bend! xoxo

  2. Jessica on January 10th, 2012

    @janemosher- thanks!!! I like your suggestions about the single serve package, I’ll have to look for those. This month has been about adding one good choice and removing one bad one. Limiting the things I really want to special occasions. Congrats on your success so far.

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