Ending the Year on a High Note

As I mentioned before, I’m starting my New Years Goal (Not calling it a resolution because those are always bound to fail) before the New Year.

I finished my training sessions last Friday (Dec 23), and it was sad to finish them but I could no longer afford to do it and I needed to find something that better fit  my schedule (and my budget), I’ve got a lot going on in the new year.  A close friend of mine had mentioned a boot camp that she was doing, so I looked into and met with the trainer and he figured out a routine for me (this boot camp also fit into my budget perfectly).  We sat down on Dec 27 and talked, and talked and talked. We talked about everything.  He wanted a better understanding of me and seeing where I was going wrong.  I walked away from the meeting feeling great (and a little scared at the same time).  We also did measurements and he weighted me (253lb).

Last night (Dec 28) was the first night of boot camp, holy crap is all I can say.  We are a class of 10 (6 vets, 4 newbies). We did a 10-15 minute warm up with a foam roller (I really need to invest in one of these) and then onto the super sets.  We were broken into two group, each group had 6 exercises, 30 second on, 10 second rest for the first three, then 30 second rest and then the next 3 erxercises (same 30:10 ratio), then a 90 second rest while we switched with the other group.  We were suppose to do 2 rotations, so 24 sets, but the vets wanted more, so we did another round of the first exercises, so 30 sets in total and then cool down. I haven’t had a workout like that in ages and I’ve never been that drained after and that sweaty.  But don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it (after the fact, during I was trying not to throw up).

But what made the night was that the trainer said after he was super pumped watching us. We  also do a group cheer at the end, bringing it all together. 

This is good thing for me. I came home and relaxed, setting my goals for the next day and went to bed.  I crashed!! I woke up this morning feeling amazing. This was pleasant since I haven’t been sleeping well.

Tonight I’m on my own for a workout, so I’m debating between Spin and BodyFlow and my next bootcamp is Friday.  Until my classes start on Jan 17, I’ll be dong Boot Camp M/W/F but once classes start bootcamp is M/F.  I want to set a schedule now so when classes start, I’ll have a set routine down.

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