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24 Jan, 2012

Half Marathon PR

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Sunday (1/22/12)  I ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon in 1:58!!!!! My previous best time was at the AFC half in August 2010, 2:13. My goal was to finish under 10 minute pace, so under 2:11. And I killed it, and smashed my PR by 15 mins. It was the best race ever 🙂

Mile splits

mile 1: 9:23

mile 2: 8:49

mile 3: 9:01

mile 4: 8:56

mile 5: 9:01

mile 6: 8:32

mile 7: 9:22

mile 8: 8:50

mile 9: 8:56

mile 10: 8:42

mile 11: 8:58

mile 12: 8:57

mile 13: 8:42


Next race is San Dieguito half on Feb 12th 🙂

29 Nov, 2011

It’s been a year….

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… since my last post??? Wow. Time flies. My last post was about frustration. Well, fortunately this time it’s the exact opposite. I’m in a really good place right now. During parts of the last year I found myself going from excuse to excuse on why I wasn’t getting the work-outs in or why I was making poor food choices, and I’m pretty sure that started when I had to keep off my broken foot, pretty much a year ago. But I think I’ve come to realize that by making excused I’m only hurting myself, and no matter what I end up regretting it. So I might as well just go for it. Just go for a run! Or the gym, or dancing, or anything!

I’ve been really getting into running lately. I signed up for a half maration in January with the thinking that maybe I’ll be able to train for it through the holidays. Knowing that you are going to have to run 13.1 miles is good motivation to get a run in every few days. Because being undertrained for a half isn’t fun… I’ve been there!

The idea was to just do minimal training for this upcoming half. However, my training is actually going much better than I could have hoped! Last week I ran 10.5 miles! And it’s still November. Hopefully I’ll build up those slow long runs all the way up to 15 miles. That mental advantage of having trained further than the race distance is priceless. My previous half marathon times were 2:13 and 2:17. I’m hoping this time to be under 2:11, which puts me at under 10 mins/mile average pace. My eventual half marathon goal will be to break 2 hours. That may be aways off though.

The Carlsbad half I’m running in January is 7 weeks away, and I’m already excited. And I’m running another half just 3 weeks after that on Feb 12th. After that I plan to do a few 10K’s and work on my speed: one for St Patties day and Earth day in March and April. In August, I’d like to run the AFC half again (ran it in 2010). Maybe that will be my chance to break 2 hours 🙂

This week I weighed in at the lowest I’ve been since probably 2007 or 2008. I’m pretty stoked about this 🙂 I want to keep losing straight through the holidays. I’m not going to restrict myself too much on the holiday foods. Just try not to overeat and overindulge in the yummy stuff. And I’ll of course be working out like a crazy woman (as usual). Then once New Years hits, I’ll attempt to watch what I eat a little closer. But I’d rather work out extra and get to eat what I want than try to stick to a diet.

I’ve found a new passion in dancing. It’s really helped kickstart me back into weightloss mode. I started with line-dancing at a country bar back in May, and starting in August or so I’ve been getting into west coast swing as well. I’ve made lots of new friends and it’s and insane calorie burner. I couldn’t be happier!

16 Nov, 2010


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A couple weeks ago I broke 2 bones in my foot playing soccer, and i have not been getting enough exercise because of it. I am up a couple of pounds, which is really frustrating!!! I am absolutely determined to get back to the 150’s. To do this i really need to focus on what I’m eating. Since i can’t burn as many calories (can’t run or do elliptical etc…) i need to consume less! It’s so simple… I’m also going to try to get exercise in. I can do upperbody weights and situps and pushups and boxing. I’m going to try to make myself a plan and see how well i can stick to it. Here goes!


Breakfast: 1 egg + 2 egg whites, 1 slice whole wheat toast, 1 tsp i can’t believe its not butter

Snack: String cheese, almonds, banana

Lunch: Turkey Lettuce avocado wraps

Afternoon snack: Carrots and 100 calorie pack cookies

Dinner: Homemade chicken Noodle soup! with low sodium chicken broth, veggies, chicken, and whole grain noodles.

Dessert: Fudgsicle 🙂

Total intake: 1200 calories.


GYM!! Rowing machine (arms only), 30 squats, 30 pushups, 50 crunches, 50 punches.


Let’s see if I can do it!


01 Aug, 2010

My workout plan for the month of AUGUST!

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August is going to be a month of trying to stick to the plan so that i can see the results i want to see!!! For now, i made a workout plan. Food plan will be made tomorrow or tuesday… 🙂 I’m excited for my half marathon on the 15th!!! i ran 11 miles yesterday, so i’m as trained for it as i’m gonna get. I’m also excited for it to over so i won’t have to train distance anymore. I want to spend more time on the fun exercise stuff, like games with my soccer team and workout classes at the gym!

Aug 1 – ez 3 mile run
Aug 2 – soccer game
Aug 3 – 4 miles
Aug 4 – track workout
Aug 5 – body pump class
Aug 6 – rest
Aug 7 – 5 miles
Aug 8 – 3 miles ez
Aug 9 – soccer game
Aug 10 – 3 miles
Aug 11 – 2 miles/ cross train
Aug 12 – cross train
Aug 13 – rest
Aug 14 – 2 miles ez
Aug 15 *** half marathon!!***
Aug 16 – soccer game
Aug 17 – rest
Aug 18 – 5 miles
Aug 19 – bodypump or kickboxing
Aug 20 – rest
Aug 21 – white water rafting

Aug 22 – white water rafting
Aug 23 – rest
Aug 24 – 3 miles
Aug 25 – cross train
Aug 26 – bodypump or kickboxing
Aug 27 – rest
Aug 28 – 5 miles

Aug 29 – crosstrain
Aug 30 – soccer



14 Jun, 2010

its been too long

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i’ve been hovering at the same 163/164 for a long long long time. its time to BREAK this. i’m starting by writing on here because i haven’t in a long time…. maybe that’s too blame, hahaha. I’m going to kickboxing tonight, woo!!! And i’m going to take it one day at a time… less overwhelming that way. tomorrow i WILL eat healthy. =)

17 Apr, 2010


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Well, i didnt make my goal of 159 by vegas. Instead i’ve hovered right around 167 for several weeks, which has been really frustrating! BUT i think i’m finally making progress!!

The last two days i have not been a good girl. i didnt eat healthy food, i ate crappy food. but i didnt eat too much. in fact, i probably came in right at or even under acceptable calorie levels. also, i didnt work out thurs or friday, but that was kinda in the plan. After work yesterday, i went out to happy hour and got my buzz on. ate a few bites of a few appetizers and felt full. never actually ate any dinner…. then i had some wine late last night. i think its awesome that this is “bad” when its NOTHING compared to how i used to eat. It makes me cringe when i look back. But i get it now. That is how i went from 125 to 189. It makes sense.

So why does my scale reward me for this behavior?? My guess is that I lost weight because i wasn’t working out, so my body said byebye to any water retention. Also, i don’t think i’ve had anything too salty for awhile. Anyways, yeah, 163.5 this morning. seriously?? i skipped 164 altogether!! On thursday i was 165.0, which was the lowest number i’d seen yet, and now i’m another pound and a half lower than that even!

We’ll see how long this lasts. I could easily bounce back up to 165 tomorrow, or i could keep this whoosh going all the way into the 150’s. that would be sooo awesome

04 Mar, 2010

Being sick sucks!

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I’m battling a cold right now, which is no fun!! Stayed home from work today, and I slept about 12 hours last night, which felt great. I just want to be healthy!! I don’t have much of an appetite at all, and obviously not enough energy to work out. I’m looking forward to putting this cold behind me and getting back into my routine. I like working out everyday and going to workout classes with my roomies. I need to work harder on the eating healthy part. I’ve been doing well as far as calories go, which is good. I need to get more healthy, nutrient dense foods into my diet though. I’d like to up my servings of veggies. Fruits are ok for now, I’m trying not to have too much fruit because it does have a lot of sugar. I’m been doing a very good job of keeping the sweet tooth under control. I know myself well, and I have to be very careful that one little treat doesn’t turn into six. I also know that it doesn’t work if I try to deprive myself completely. I have to allow it, or this will never be successful.  I’ve been doing a good job though of really enjoying a small amount and then not wanting a ton more, so thats good.

On April 7th, I am going to vegas! PSWRC 2010 will be a lot of fun because I’m not in charge of anything! I just get to enjoy myself and cheer on our team. There will be a lot of yummy food temptations and of course lots of drinking (it IS vegas after all….) but that is ok. I’ll try to keep it under control, and I’m sure I’ll be pretty active while I’m there too.

I think I’m going to keep a countdown of how long til vegas. I really want to be in the best shape possible. I’m gonna be spending time with a lot of people who haven’t seen me since i was 180+. I would absolutely LOVE to be at 159 by april 7. That is 34 days away, or about 5 weeks. If i lose an average of 2 pounds a week, I can do it, no problem. I have to get over this cold first though!!!! Once I’m over the cold, I will jump right back into the exercise and work on eating healthier too!

02 Mar, 2010

20 pounds lost!

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I have good news and bad news…. which do you want to hear first…

bad news? ok. so im a sniffly sneezing mess. I dont feel TOO horrible, so i think its just a cold thankfully (i dont want swine flu!!!). i just ate a reeses pb egg. yum. made me feel better for a sec

good news! As of this morning I am OFFICIALLY overweight (lol!!) and not obese. That’s right, i reached my 2nd mini goal of 169.0, sick and all. I give full credit to kickboxing, because i did not eat like an angel. I have also lost 20 whole pounds YAY!! I’m stoked. And i did measurements today, and i’ve lost 13.5 inches combined from my arms, waist, hips, thigh, and sadly… bust. 

*happy dance*

28 Feb, 2010

Almost to mini-goal

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Today’s weigh in: 169.5!! Yes, thats a 6 in the ten’s place, woo hoo!!! I’m stoked. That puts me at 19.5 pounds lost so far. I can’t wait to get that last half pound and reach 20 lbs lost…. so this is very motivating to keep up the work!!

Last night I had a date with the gym. I spent 10 mins on every cardio machine they have in mission valley, lol! Then I did an extra 30 mins on the elliptical too. It felt FANTASTIC! Burn burn burn those calories!!!

23 Feb, 2010


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It’s been a long time since my last post. I am pretty much settled into my new job, and i’m all moved into my new apartment. Its been a very difficult transition. I was having a terrible time getting a workout routine together, and the office is filled with some awful temptations food-wise. BUT I’m very proud to say that I never fell of the wagon, no matter how bumpy the ride was for the past month. I’ve continued to have a loss each week, even though the losing has slowed considerably ( was at 1.5-2.5 pounds a week, now 0.5 pounds the last three weeks). However, I am fully attributing this to a lack of self control with so many sweets around me at the office AND the fact that i’m not in the workout routine. I have to be at work at 6:30 am, so it’s been quite an adjustment to sleeping early enough to not be totally exhausted all day long. Theres no way I can get myself to the gym in the evening after working all day on only 4-5 hours of sleep. And that’s what’s been happening! I was not used to trying to sleep around 10 p… I’ve been a night owl all through college, going to sleep at midnight or even later.

I’m starting to get used to it, and I’m finding work out classes that fit in the schedule in the evenings. Also, my roommate joined 24 hour fitness too, which is just great. We can motivate each other YES!!

Here are a few of my posts from the 20’s weekly chat from the last few weeks (celebrations and rants, its important to track the thoughts through the ups and downs!!):

2/15/10: i’m super bummed right now!! I ate crappy yesterday and the scale yelled at me for it this morning. And today i didn’t have time to work out… again. I need to make working out a priority…. I am going to push myself to work out 4-5 times a week solid for the next month. plus i have a 5k on saturday!!! i don’t feel completely ready, but i’m ready enough that hopefully it will go okay.

2/18/10: Hello girls!!! I’m still here i promise… so busy, but that’s no excuse. I stayed on plan allllll day today. No donuts, no pizza, no vending machines. The office is so unhealthy!! i have to take it one day at a time. But i just made delicious avacado chicken for dinner and i’m totally satisfied  And sadly my 5K this weekend is postponed until march 6th because it might rain… but thats ok, i have 2 extra weeks of training!!

2/11/10: good morning ladies!!! today i’m bringing a healthy lunch to work, and i’m determined to work out too. I’m so close to my mini goal of 169 that i can taste it!! lol. Hopefully that will motivate me today. Scale said 172 this morning, which matches my lowest yet!


so today after work i went and got a manicure instead of goign to the gym. today was payday so i decided to do something special for myself. i should have gone to the gym tho. bleh. i’ll def go tomorrow, even though its a friday. i’ll force myself since i didnt go today. or i’ll go running… either way. my nails look pretty tho!! and i made chicken and broccoli for dinner, so i’m doin ok.

2/4/10: yesterday it was chinese food. today it was girls scout cookies… and tomorrow there’s gonna be pizza. This whole job things is wreaking havoc on my weight loss plans. today i went to work at 6:30 and didn’t leave the office until after 5:30… and by then i was soooo exhausted that i could not even think about working out. dam you thin mints!!! i’m scared to step on the scale tomorrow… it’s not going to be good…. UGHH. I’m somewhat disgusted with myself… I’ve been hovering at 172.5 or 173 for the past week or so…. and the only reason i haven’t gained is because i’ve been moving and unpacking and climbing stairs a lot, and not going too overboard on the calories. but i haven’t worked out in a weeek!!! i don’t know what to do…. i think i’m going to go out dancing tomorrow night… and drinking lol. and i think i should go on a nice sunday run before the superbowl. and prepare myself for the gym after work next week, and force myself to go regardless of how tired i am. even if i take a nap in my car before heading into the gym. lol that’s super lame, but i know if i go to my apartment, i won’t leave again!!!! i’m tirrrrred 


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