Thursday… Almost a new week for me!

Last night I went to the wake as planned.  I came home and had to eat, change, and run to go pick up my boyfriend.  It was a mess.  I had about 10 mins to eat.  I had a turkey burger (premade from the grocery store), salad from the salad bar, and a small baked potato.  I dont really know where i’m at this week when it comes to points/WPA (weekly points allowance), so i’ve already decided to just do my best to stay within my daily points and just try not to use any WPA until my new week starts on Saturday and I can actually account for them again. 

Right now i’m at work (which is where i’ll usually be doing most of my journaling from each day except for the weekends).  I dont have much work to do today.  Its going to be a long, slow, boring day.  I want to go home already lol… Later on i’d really like to try to motivate myself to get down to the gym, or atleast to try my new exercise dvd’s.  I got the Core Rhythm dvd’s on for about $30 so I could try them.  I’m not reading very many good things about them though, so i’m thinking since they’re still in the shrink wrap I might sell them back on amazon depending on how much I could get.  I’ll see. 

My goals for today are to stay within my points, get atleast 48 oz of water in, and to try to get to the gym, if not, do an exercise video and maybe go for a walk to 7-11.

Breakfast: Lite English Muffin – 1 pt (18)    





Hello world!

Hi Everyone,

This is my very first blog, and i’m excited.  I’m on a mission to lose 35 lbs.  While on that mission, i’ve chosen Weight Watchers (WW) as my diet plan, along with as much exercise and water as I can possibly manage to fit in.  I am going to use this online journal as a daily posting of my food choices, as well as my exercise/etc.  I also would like to use it to track my progress along with any thoughts/feelings that I have along the way.  So here I go!  Today is hopefully the last “day 1” that i’ll have to experience on my journey!

Breakfast: 2 Slices Lite Bread, 1 Slice FF Cheese, 1 Slice Turkey Bacon, Pat of ICBINB – 4 pts (15)

Lunch: Smart Ones Swedish Meatballs – 5 pts (10)

Snack: Oatmeal – 3 pts (7)

Dinner: Turkey burger, Small baked potato, salad w/ lite dressing – 9 pts (-2)

Water: 16 oz so far

Activity: Had to go to a wake, came home around 8:30 and played wii tennis and bowling for about 1/2 hour.  Was very tired, couldnt do much else.