Calories, Jillian and Life in General

So here’s my calories for today:

Breakfast: 30g of Special K with 125ml of skimmed milk – 158 calories
Lunch: Weight Watchers chicken and noodle soup – 51 calories
Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories
Dinner: Weight Watchers Ocean Pie – 196 calories

My total calorie intake: 429

Calories burned in exercise: 30 Day Shred Level 2 – 117

Net: 312

I didn’t get as much exercise in as I should have today because I just didn’t have time for the treadmill. I’ve also had to put my Couch to 5K running programme on hold until Friday because I have so much homework this week (c’mon teachers, it’s almost Christmas!).

The good news is that as of today I’m halfway through my English controlled assessment – sigh, to think I used to LIKE Romeo and Juliet, now I’ve decided they had it coming to them (if Shakespeare hadn’t already got them I would)! Bad news: I’ve got loads more tests in the next few days including a Physics one tomorrow… Which I’ve sorta kinda revised for. And still don’t understand. Whatsoever. Yipee!

At least I managed to fit in some good old quality time with Jillian. Why all the plank positions woman?! I swear she’s trying to kill me!

On a side note, I watched my Mum and brother have dinner while I was doing my homework tonight and was shocked at the sheer quantity food I used to eat! Now I make my own meals (alright that mostly involves just sticking them in the microwave) I eat so so much less than I thought I did. I’m actually quite disgusted with my previous eating habits.

First Update

Today was a new day and I decided to forget about yesterday’s cake fiasco, it’s time to move on already! Here is my calorie consumption for today (yes I do measure out each tiny portion because I’m just that obsessive!):

Breakfast: 30g of Special K with 125ml of skimmed milk – 158 calories
Lunch: Weight Watchers chicken soup – 92 calories
Snack: 60g carrot sticks – 24 calories
Dinner: About half (or less) of a Weight Watchers cottage pie – 200 calories (rounded up)

My total calorie intake: 474

Calories burned in exercise:

30 Day Shred Level 2: 117
Treadmill: 405

So I burned 522 calories today and if you’re good at maths (like myfitnesspal) that makes a net of… MINUS 48 calories! While I would love to believe that I’m a bit dubious about the treadmill’s estimate of 405 calories but whatever, I’ll take it. I’m back on track people!

I’m treating this as my first day of doing the 30ds level 2 although technically it’s my second. But yesterday I did all the modified moves and only used 2lb hand weights plus I got confused in parts so it was a bit too easy. Today, I took the precaution of watching the dvd through beforehand so I knew exactly what I was doing, did none of the modified moves and used heavier weights. By the end of it I felt like I was going to die and had cursed Jillian Michaels to hell and back (in my head of course, not enough air!) but at least I know it was a good workout and that makes me happy.

Hello world, I’m Izzy!

Hi there, my name is Izzy as you may have guessed and if you’re reading this then… Thanks! So far I’ve lost 6lbs but fell (more like leapt) off the wagon today when my brother brought a chocolate cake home. Oh I hate him sometimes, but really I only have myself to blaim on this one. Anyway, the end result of today’s events (or diet disaster) is that I’ve decided I am in dire need of some serious accountability so I started a blog… And here you are looking at it! (or I can pretend that you are anyway to give me an incentive to keep dieting). I’ll be posting the results of my weekly weigh-ins here and hopefully you’ll be able to follow my weight loss journey with me. And I think that’s pretty much it… But I don’t know how to end this post so um *awkward goodbyes*.