Hello world, I’m Izzy!

Hi there, my name is Izzy as you may have guessed and if you’re reading this then… Thanks! So far I’ve lost 6lbs but fell (more like leapt) off the wagon today when my brother brought a chocolate cake home. Oh I hate him sometimes, but really I only have myself to blaim on this one. Anyway, the end result of today’s events (or diet disaster) is that I’ve decided I am in dire need of some serious accountability so I started a blog… And here you are looking at it! (or I can pretend that you are anyway to give me an incentive to keep dieting). I’ll be posting the results of my weekly weigh-ins here and hopefully you’ll be able to follow my weight loss journey with me. And I think that’s pretty much it… But I don’t know how to end this post so um *awkward goodbyes*.

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