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A reminder

I have been sitting on the pitty potty all week cause I am facing surgery again.  My stomach has herniated and I need to have it repaired…the doctor cannot understand why it has done this almost a year and a half after my surgery, but it has…..FOOK

So I have managed to whine and feel sorry for myself and then again was reminded that I could have  it worse.

One of our wonderful ER doctors drowned while out free diving 🙁   They managed to bring him back but he is still in ICU on a vent, and may not make it.  He is only in his 30s…   One minute he is diving with friends and laughing and loving life and the next he is fighting hard to stay alive..

So tonight I reflect.   I may be fat, and getting old, and feeling yucky cause I have to have surgery again.  I may not think my life is perfect, but I am alive, and my son is not clinging to life in an ICU…

so things are not all bad….

I am grateful….

Hang in there Dr. S….we love you and miss you

5 Responses to “A reminder”

  1. Geez.

    So sad – guess it could be over in a minute. In a second actually.

    I hope he pulls through with minimum problems afterwards.

    Yes, we’ve all got so much to be grateful for….

  2. What a chilling story – hope he recovers.

    Sorry to hear you’ll need surgery again – very not fun. When will they do it?

  3. havent seen you around in awhile…Hope you are doing great girl!
    Blessings & Peace!

  4. Hope your Dr. S. came out of it okay.
    Yes, you are alive and you have a beautiful family. How is your darling granddaughter. She must be getting so big by now.
    I hope if you’ve had your surgery that it went well and that you are healing quickly.
    Take Care,
    RubyJean xxoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. Hi how are you doing?

    It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from you – hope you’re okay, but if you’re not I’d love to lend support.


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