Losin it in Paradise


Damn potato chips, how the hell did they find there way onto my desk…more important how the hell did they find there way into my fat little mouth????  WTF

Okay so I have been doing well, and then some well meaning staff member who knows how much I love Salt and Vinegar Maui Potato chips come to work with a bag just for me….and do I say NO, of course not, I proceed to scarf the whole fookin bag down like I am never going to ever eat again….

Do you know how much salt is in the stuff??  I will have to drink 5 gallons on water to just flush my system and then run for 10 miles to sweat the rest out.

OMG….one fricken bag of potato chips and I will look like the Pilsbury Dough Boy tomorrow…..shit!

On the up side, this has been a hellish night, I am working a 16hr shift and I have not stopped running since I got here, so maybe….just maybe I am burning up some of the useless calories consumed with that fookin bag of chips….sheesh

And here I was so proud of myself for donating ALL of my Progresso Soups to the Food Bank instead of giving them to the staff….I donated cause they are loaded with salt and MSG.  So rather than eat them or throw them away, I made the Food Bank very happy with about 50 dollars worth of soup, Ramien noodles and chicken broth.  All loaded with sodium.  Brought some nice Select Harvest soups with low calories and low sodium and brought that to work for my lunch.  Ate it and was feeling quite proud, but then I had to chase it with a bag of chips…

My lips are sore from all the salt….

I might as well just drank straight from the ocean…….Nah, hell no, fish screw in there 🙂

3 Responses to “NO NO NO NO….”

  1. Ah, well. These things happen. We all know that – and none knows better than me, after all these years of bouncing up and down like the proverbial yo-yo. So you’ll drink your water and just possibly, considering how strenuous your job is, you won’t see any gain at all. Most times, I am spot on with wanting to eat nutritious, good-for-me foods (even if I sometimes eat more of it than I need) but there ARE those times when I feel downright belligerent about eating something junky and decadent. Self-denial can become quite tedious, after all. So, what I AM learning to do is to climb right back on the wagon whenever I slip off instead of feeling like I’ve “blown” my diet. Sometimes, a little excess even works in your favor because it bumps up your metabolism and you actually burn more calories than you would’ve had you stuck to your diet 100%. But you’re doing SO incredibly well – I think that one little lapse is unlikely to do too much harm. Keep up the good work, you hear? And keep on enjoying “paradise” for me; it makes me feel good just thinking of you down there in the tropics, not having to deal with snow and sleet and cold weather anymore. GOOD for you, kiddo! Really!
    Big hugs,

  2. Well Darlin – I think you’ll be alright because I know how much you love to run and I’m sure that you’ll run that right out of your system!

    Goodness, we’re all susceptible to the downfall of junk food.

    🙁 I’m sorry that bummed you out…
    Too bad I wasn’t there so I could eat half….


  3. And they poop in the ocean too. LOL You’ll be fine. This is certainly not the end of the world. So you ate some chips. Next time you’ll just give some of them away and enjoy a few for yourself. You are doing a fabulous job. Keep doing it.

    And give yourself some credit.


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