Losin it in Paradise


It has been one of those weeks.  I have been hit with just one too many things this week and I am not bouncing back… Where do I begin?  Well with the most numbing and scary, and awful of course, get it out of the way so I can breath again….. My son and grand […]

almost done

Literally, I am almost done!   I am so fookin tired.   Well it is my sixth shift, and last shift until next Monday.  I can hardly wait.  I am so tired… Even with these last three shifts only being 8 hours, I am still drained.  Not sleeping well and then of course we are busy as […]

Oh no you didn’t!

yup, I did…another 2 pounds.  I gotta be running it off cause I sure am not starving 🙂    So I was really proud of myself cause despite working odd and long hours I still ran 10 days straight.  The only reason I did not run the 11th day is that I treated myself and went […]


Damn potato chips, how the hell did they find there way onto my desk…more important how the hell did they find there way into my fat little mouth????  WTF Okay so I have been doing well, and then some well meaning staff member who knows how much I love Salt and Vinegar Maui Potato chips […]

12 pounds and counting

Well I am slowly getting there.  I am down a total of twelve pounds now and can definiately notice it in my face.  I have the slight outline of cheek bones poking in there somewhere… So I also upped my running this week quite a bit.  I am now running for 30 mins straight.  Which […]