Losin it in Paradise


Well I decided to let the hubby live and we have worked thru it, even thou when I think of it I still steam a bit.   I made a police report and a bank report and it looks like I will get the money back.  BUT needless to say, hubby will not be getting another […]

A good jolt on why it is important to lose weight

Tonight at work we get a EMS call out for a code blue.  We are informed via the radio that the patient is a male in his early 60s and weighs in excess of 750 pounds.  The local fire department will be on hand to assist getting him to the hospital. He arrives wrapped in […]

Husband for sale….real cheap!

Okay, first lets get to the nitty gritty….I gained two pounds over my weekend away.  Not as bad as I thought it would be and today when I stepped on the scale it was gone.  I think I ran it away. Diet wise I have been doing good since getting back.  Running has been great […]


“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”…Winston Churchill Ok, I had three days of complete and total excess…too much food, too much walking, too much shopping (as if) and too much….well lets just say too much….blush! I had the best time away with DH in Oahu.  We talked, and walked and […]

9.6 pounds down

That was my weight on Saturday.  So I should reach my first goal of 10 pounds by Weds.  I dunno for sure thou as I had some serious arm wrestling with a bag of M & Ms last night and I lost… I realize I have a pretty bad sweet tooth, and there is not […]