Losin it in Paradise

“A door closes and another door opens”

I am quoting a lady I admire very much in the title of today’s blog.  It is about door opening and closing.  And the way our lives revolve.  Or just stay static if we chose to not move forward. I have met so many different people on this blog site and we come from all […]

If it walks like a turkey :)

I had a beautiful couple of holiday days.  It is the first time ever that DH and I had both Christmas eve day and Christmas day off together.  It was nice.  We had a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings on Christmas eve.  It was nice but we both have decided it is highly […]


Well I have the fat belly, I might as well try to grow the beard, and let the white hairs take over.   Thank gawd the food madness will soon be over…….omg.  I am ODing on junk.    I cannot possibly put one more thing in my mouth, oh wait..maybe just that little bite of…nah, cannot do […]

Bah humbug!

I have decided if one more person bring us some damn candy or chocolate for Christmas I will scream.  And of course that is also including the cookies and the caramel popcorn and all the other junk food.  And most of this junk is coming from the doctors!  Don’t they know what the hell healthly […]


I am so fookin tired!  Last night was the hospital Christmas party, and you would think that someone that works nights would have no problems staying up most of the night, NOT.  I am beat.  Had a great time, but I am paying the piper tonight. My feet are sore from wearing heels, I drank […]


So today it took me over 2 hours to get home after the major wind and rain storm we had last night.  There were trees all over the road and water.  Needless to say after working 16 hours I was already tired and then 2 hours waiting on the road for them to clear the […]

Somewhere between disbelief and panic

Yesterday I had my colonoscopy and my EGD done.  Let me tell you I have had nicer procedures done.  The prep was the shits and I mean that literally 🙂  I was given medication to put me totally to sleep and I woke to horrid pain.  My doctor told me to expect it because of […]


0630am and I am up, when am I ever up at this time of the morning unless I am still at work?   Oh well, I just had enough sleep I guess cause I am wide awake and feel fine.  Not stressed or tired or anything, just woke up at 5am and could not go back […]