Well kinda happy ;)

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Sooooo, I got on the scale this morning how about 258.6??I’ll take it!Still holding at 258 this evening 🙂 WHICH is GOOD! because it has been my experience with drinking all this water, that I will usually lose overnight as I peee like a million times.I’m getting over the sweet cravings I think …I HOPE  :)My freaking tooth is acting up again. Wish I could go to the dentist and get all of them taken care of. It’s been a long time since I felt like I could really show my smile.  :(Well  MY numbers didn’t win the powerball   :(.How about yours?


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So, this morning, I weighed, butt naked in all my glory :/ 257.6 lbs.Ok, So I should be jumping up and down. But I’m cautious. I drank ALOT of water yesterday. SOOOO I’m sure some of that was water weight. We’ll see.$400,000.000 Powerball. Can you imagine??? Would you get gastric done? Or hire a personal trainer? Both? IDK :)That degree comment Blake made to Alli is bugging the crap out of me :|I think that I am doing good. I really wanted something sweet day. I ate grapes. :)Anyways, I’m trying 🙂

I can’t get beyond a sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Well, I bought a battery for the scales…………259 lbs. At least it’s not  260. I wrote a whole long post with my thoughts for the day. And somehow they got deleted :(Today was hectic at work. Mondays ALWAYS are. I talked to a very nice young lady this morning who shared her story with me. Sweet girl.I am going back to Galveston this weekend. It is my hometown. I go as often as time and money allow 🙂 I have such peace down there, In fact, I want to be cremated and have my ashes spread around all my favorite places there :)I would love to be able to go walking after work. It’s just too freaking HOT :(Today I ate eggs and fajita meat for breakfast. lunch was fajita meat. three snacks of grapes about 7 bottles of water.

Soooo here I am…AGAIN :(

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Well, I have had “the moment”. I recently found some old pics in a picture book. I was looking for something else and found these. Now granted, I WAS about 11 years YOUNGER and about 55  lbs. LIGHTER but it just made me say” GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET THIS DONE!!!”If I would have known then what I know now…sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I am in the pic with my b/f. He is still just that, my b/f.I have wanted to marry him for so damn long, but he doesn’t want to marry me. The fact of the matter is this; AND let me just say, I am not proud of any of this, I’m just saying the truth. It’s time. ;He was married when I met him. So was I. I am not any longer, but he is. No they haven’t been together in about 15 years, but still, legally they are still married. That has always hurt my heart so badly. I don’t think really there are enough words to express how sad it makes me. At this point, he says, (whether true or not) that he doesn’t want to divorce her because he doesn’t  want her to get half of his 401K. So there. That’s it. After ALL the things I said/did and do,…..I’m not worth it.While I’m telling the tale, I never became involved with him because I was looking for sex. I have 5 kids with my ex husband! That was never an issue. However, it was nice to have someone be kind to me. To tell me I looked pretty, ( I was only 29 ), to be nice to me. Sex was just a secondary thing. It really didn’t seem like to much to trade to find  someone who was nice to me 🙁 What a fool I was. I needed to divorce my husband, BUT not for this reason. Thankfully, he and I have made peace, and I apologized to him :)The reason I am even divulging any of this is because studies have shown often times it’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating YOU. This whole deal I believe is the reason why I have packed on all this pounds.SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is where I’m at!!