10-4 good buddy! catch ya on the flip-flop!

I have lost 5 pounds since the beginning of May! 10.4 pounds in all! Finally…at long frigging last I have reached the 10 pound mark! Now I have 40 pounds to lose. That’s with a goal of 170 lbs. I’m only thinking as far ahead as the next 10 pounds for now. Somehow, in my mind, that makes it easier to swallow. Man, I was so tired of seeing the same weight on the scales over and over again that I had to put the damned things in a time-out for a couple of weeks. I had a good feeling that today was the day to dig ’em out and was it ever. lol! Now I wanna go run and do major work-out shit!  I’ve been concentrating on getting in some really tough work-outs and I have been logging my chow & exercise on “myfitnesspal.com” I find it has helped me tremendously because while I’ve been eating healthy all along I’m afraid I was eating a little TOO MUCH healthy. Now I have a 1200 calorie limit to lose an estimated 2 pounds weekly, and the option to earn and eat more calories based on the amount of exercise that I do. I’m finding I do the best  and feel satisfied averaging between a 1300 to mid 1400 calorie intake. I have to say I was never a calorie counter before this. It was all too friggy and fucky for my attention span, but this does it all for me and since I usually eat the same types of foods and meals this makes entering my chow all the easier. It’s set up to bring up a list of recent to older foods already entered for when I go to enter a meal, or snack. Same with exercise entries.
I’ll shut up about it now.

who doesn’t do this?…come on….hello?…what the ??? …only me?!  😯

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