4.9 mile run/walk

Yesterday I did another run/walk. About the same amount of time but I had covered an extra .4 miles. This means I did more running and my pace increased. I’m a terrible walker with these short legs, so the sooner I can cut the walk parts the hell out, the better.
Yesterday ~ 4.91 miles in 1hr. 04 min. My avg. pace according to Garmin was a 13.02 min. mile.
On Thursday I had covered 4.51 miles in 1hr. 05 min. and my avg. pace was 14:25 min. mile.
lol! My sis-in-law can walk faster than that…she’s got the long legs for it too, so I’m not feeling horribly bad about my sucky walk pace.
I’m going to do roughly the same type of run/walk every so many days with the intention of eventually eliminating the walks, increasing my running pace and turning it all into a whole whopping respectable 5 miler. Can I be any more pumped up?!!!! Nope! 🙂  I’m going to have those long summer night runs back again and the thought of it is high motivating.
I’m using the first two miles to do speed work. Sometimes running faster for a minute and slower for a minute, or picking landmarks to speed up and slow down to. This should keep it “fun”.
Fun, I say?
Girl’s just wanna have fun!

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  1. tryingbeauty Says:

    WOW!! You are doing so freakin good!!!

    How is the hamstring feeling? Much stronger by the sounds of it!!!

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