buzy bee….

I’ve been working again. More mad money. It’s interfering with the old work-out schedule, but that can’t be helped. I’m trying to eat on plan and I certainly am burning plenty enough calories working. I can’t make up a w/o in the evenings with sis-in-law because my legs are sooooooo darned tired. I’m guessing another couple of days and then I can get back at it. I sure miss my dvd workouts and my xfit ones I do on my own. Honestly, I think they will seem like a vacation after all of the work I’ve been doing the past 6 days. Ouch!
I went to bed last night at 9:00 and slept straight thru til 6:30 this morning. If beauty rest did more than give you a well rested look, and actually beefed up the beauty then I’d be one intensely good-looking chick as much as I’ve been sleeping lately. Still a scare crow! 😉
No change in weight, but clothes do fit better and I bet anything I would have seen a loss had I not got bogged down in work. That’s okay. I’m going to really torture myself  with the barbells, box jumps, and wall balls, etc.  and a kazillion burpees soon enough and I will like it. Seriously, I really will like it! I’m demented that way.

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