I wanted to write a decent post tonight, but I am so very fucking tired. That’s descriptive enough.
I had a great big day out in the sun. Yes, the sun…it’s been so long since it last shined upon me that I was frightened by it’s appearance this morning.

I didn’t want to walk into the light. I wasn’t ready. There’s still so much to do here. I never imagined the light would be seeking out my sort of character. I was expecting more of a black hole opening up in the ground type of deal.
I finally managed to gather my wits about me
. Eventually located my sunglasses….after dark.
Fool! That should make it rain.

2 Responses to “well…shit!”

  1. Ann Says:

    Where are you? No new posts since 4/21? I need a status update from you – I posted on my blog yesterday and LOL while doing so – figured you would have made some comments 🙂 Hope all is well

  2. Jazz Says:

    I’m here! It’s me! I’m fine as can be!
    Just got a little behind with my projects and blog!
    I’m not disappearing any time soon!
    Thanks for asking 🙂

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