noodle arms…

This morning we did a Jari Love dvd. Her Xtremely Ripped 1000. It’s exhausting and sweaty and my bad hamstring leg was sooo sooo freeking damned tired. I had to slow down a few times to keep my foot from dragging on the floor and me from falling flat on my face! Wow!
I’m almost certain that when I finally am able to do this dvd through without any modification and when my leg can keep up with the ultra fast up-up / down-down cardio bursts on the step…then I will be able to run miles again. Full miles. Complete miles of mileage. Non stop. Dare I dream? I want it so bad. I miss my runs. And with summer coming there’s nothing I love better than running the roads on a cool moonlite night. This place is a ghost town after 9 pm….it’s all mine! Mine!!!
Last night I did a couple of crossfit WOD’s and each had a mess of push-ups. I started out doing regular ones and had to drop to girly ones not long into it.
We did a Cathe Friedrich dvd in the morning yesterday and it annihilated my triceps…..
Tonight I have wimpy Noodle Arms.
And my medicinal glass of wine.
With a straw.
Yes I’m weak.

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  1. Ann Says:

    You have what I call T-REX arms……wait until you try to wash your hair tomorrow – makes me smile. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words you left on my blog today – you seem to know what to say to make me feel better 🙂

  2. Jazz Says:

    You make me laugh pretty darned hard, so Thank YOU, TOO! 🙂
    T-Rex arms…I just laughed at my arms all day after that!

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