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noodle arms…

Friday, April 19th, 2013

This morning we did a Jari Love dvd. Her Xtremely Ripped 1000. It’s exhausting and sweaty and my bad hamstring leg was sooo sooo freeking damned tired. I had to slow down a few times to keep my foot from dragging on the floor and me from falling flat on my face! Wow!
I’m almost certain that when I finally am able to do this dvd through without any modification and when my leg can keep up with the ultra fast up-up / down-down cardio bursts on the step…then I will be able to run miles again. Full miles. Complete miles of mileage. Non stop. Dare I dream? I want it so bad. I miss my runs. And with summer coming there’s nothing I love better than running the roads on a cool moonlite night. This place is a ghost town after 9 pm….it’s all mine! Mine!!!
Last night I did a couple of crossfit WOD’s and each had a mess of push-ups. I started out doing regular ones and had to drop to girly ones not long into it.
We did a Cathe Friedrich dvd in the morning yesterday and it annihilated my triceps…..
Tonight I have wimpy Noodle Arms.
And my medicinal glass of wine.
With a straw.
Yes I’m weak.

sup wit me?

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Started working out in the mornings with my sis-in-law. Is that how you spell sis in law? Or, was that it? I’m sure anyone with even half-assed brain cells can get my drift. Funny the words there are that I’ve said all of my fricking life only to realize 100 years later I cannot spell them. Not a clue. Anyways, I’m not here for a spelling bee. Barf!
So, we used to work out every day together before new jobs and shit like life made it so damned difficult to get together. She is a good friend to me and she is normal. If you could meet some of my other sis-in-laws you’d agree. I always tell her she can never send my brother back home,,,,she is stuck with him. 🙂 That’s how much I like her! She has always been active same as me, but she finds it hard to exercise on her own. Now that we have more flexible schedules we are back at it together and I missed it more than I knew.
So, I’m off for our 4th 8:30 am work-out this week,,,I gotta get changed now and rush out the door in a ball and a tangle. Be back later to yak on about the other stuff///yes there’s more “stuff”. There’s ALWAYS more stuff!!!