I am way up there on a weight-loss high! Just this past week and a bit I knew I was feeling better, lighter in the belly better, so I bought some better butter, better that the bitter butter….just dicking around 😆
Where was I? Oh yeah…so I took a leap of faith straight on to the scales this morning. Good-bye 7.6 pounds and that first twenty pound goal is looking like it can happen!
Fucking Happy Dance Me!!!
Even after I revamped my plan March 19th things didn’t happen like I expected it should. I knew the weight was fluctuating. I always have an idea that I have lost weight without stepping on the scales. I was tired of looking and having it confirm what I already knew. No major break through.
I decided to tweak one thing that I thought might be causing me to hold onto the weight. (No, not butter,,,get over it! )
I haven’t eaten anything whole wheat for a looooong time. I had discovered that it made  me burp like hell and I always found it to have a bitter aftertaste.  I was still eating some wholegrain stuff. Bread, wraps, cereals. I thought it was a healthy choice. Apparently not so for me and weight-loss. I haven’t been eating any amount of bread, or tortilla wraps, but I have been having whole grain crackers and hummus for snacks quite often and some cereal.  This past week I cut out all of it. ALL OF IT. The only grains I’ve been eating are in their natural state. I like muesli on my greek yogurt (and I will eat oatmeal, i just haven’t been).
I eat greek yogurt several times a day and I also got rid of the no-sugar almond milk, not that it has grains, but I kept tasting the damned odd nutty flavor it has, no matter what I put in my protein shake. Everyone here is on this almond milk kick and to tell you the truth I prefer to have a few extra calories in the skim milk and have some damned protein. I need protein! Now I’m back to skim milk  which has a nice protein/carb blend. And I bought my regular chocolate milk to chug a few gulps when I want a sweet tooth or a quick high protein source in between work-outs and to get something to refuel my muscles when a meal won’t be ready soon enuf after a workout. Tail waggers choice!
This is what I changed that worked for me. In one week! Getting rid of any grains that are made, mixed, processed and blended with shit into pasta, bread or cracker form. Au Natural, baby!
I feel a lot better from it. My big gut isn’t so big afterall when it has no bloat and I noticed my hands don’t appear as swollen and goodbye little sausage fingers!
I’ve had some great hikes, bike rides, intense mini work-outs along with my therapeutic, return to running hamstring intervals. Think I’ll stick with this? Oh hell yes!

Off to do something active….damn rain…go away!

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  1. Ann Says:

    Great Job! My scale is being nice to me too this week – too bad the new meds are not! I can’t stay awake enough to work out. time will tell if I continue on with the pills right now during my training. I only have 4 1/2 weeks left until my big race day and if I am so god damn tired I won’t be able to do it.

  2. Jazz Says:

    lol! Many thanks to the Great Scale Gods!!!
    Now to hit a damned plateau and survive it!

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