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Thursday, April 4th, 2013


but it’s never going down ahead of my morning coffee. In my little world this should never be screwed with. That one cup of coffee takes me from Zombie to Einstein in about 20 slurps. I can feel my mind returning. The fog lifts. Motor skills return. Okay, so the Einstein comparison may be stretching it a little, but I do feel particularly intelligent after that Cup of Brain. It’s distractingly noticeable. 😀

I haven’t managed a post for a while and it bothers me that I haven’t. Things have finally slowed down for me. I worked a while longer than I thought I would be working and good news is I have found the time to take some quick runs, walks and a couple of good sized hikes. My legs are feeling better and my hamstring is improving all the time. I think I am at a place where it will be safe to toss a few segments of 30 second sprints into my little runs.

Best of all…it looks like the damned stubborn weight is finally getting the hell lost!
Yay! Yippee! Yahoo!!! Carrying on with lean protein & lots of veggies, fruits, low-fat dairy and nut’s n seeds, and of course my protein shakes. Notice I didn’t say ‘water’? hahaha!

It’s 7:20 am and I am headed out now  to take a trot. When I get back I’m going to do a work-out dvd.